Coconut oil for health, beauty and immunity

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you from the health cycle – we will talk about what coconut oil is and what its positive properties are for our health, beauty and better immunity. The whole world has long been marveling at the beneficial properties of coconut oil. We use it both in the kitchen and […]

Alterra Body oil with lime and olive oil

Do you use body oil? After a busy day, full of stress, cold and wind, we should relax in a beautifully scented bathtub, a book and a warm blanket or a good movie. If we do not have time, at least a hot shower with fragrant forest and summer cosmetics is enough. I recently like […]

Inversion method – how to increase hair growth?

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be an inversion method and how to increase its effectiveness. In the last few years, I have done hair oiling using this method many times, so I found out for myself what is effective and what means that this […]

The inversion method for hair growth – my treatment and effects

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be my treatment – the inversion method. A long time ago, when hair maniac blogs were just beginning to conquer the Internet, it was one of the most popular treatments for rapid hair growth. I myself have recommended and used […]

How to use up hair oil? no waste | 15 ways

Hey guys. Today there will be a new entry about less waste, i.e. how to use a hair oil that doesn’t work for us? Well, each of us has several products in our bathroom that have been lying around for a long time. We simply forget about some, some do not serve us or we have too much […]

Hair products empties | natural hair products junkie

Hi guys! Every year I make various kinds of shorter and longer empties, but cyclically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies.  I do it mainly to throw away all the products that have expired, to use those that are ending by themselves, but those that I never […]

Nacomi, Cuticle care oil “Papaya pie”

Hey! Today I have another post for you with mini reviews of natural and organic cosmetics: Nacomi, Cuticle care oil. I have to admit that I bought Nacomi oil on a promotion in Hebe, tempted by its smell and beautiful bottle. And the composition, of course – they are actually the same precious oils with the addition […]

Hesh Mahabhringaraj, herbal hair growth oil

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you another product from this year’s hair bottom project – Hesh Mahabhringaraj oil. It is definitely a cosmetic that has been asking for a review for a long time, or in fact for years – it has been with me for a long time! Somehow I could never get […]

Hair oiling for a month – treatment summary

Hey guys! Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be hair oiling for a month. More than a month ago, I started this treatment, taking advantage of the fact that rainy weather and Covid-19 do not allow too much outdoor activity. Today it’s time to sum up my hair […]

Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment

Hey guys! I recently finished testing CBD Kanaste oil, which was supposed to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality, focus and relaxation, as well as support recovery after training. I have to admit that it worked great for me, I had a better mood and so much healthy energy! So I’m all the more curious about […]

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