Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about the Amilie Foundation, Coverage Cashmere, the last pearl in my discoveries of mineral cosmetics. I got Amilie’s covering mineral foundation as a gift from a friend, whom he completely did not match. He knows that I like to make organic makeup according to my own recipes, I […]

Annabelle Minerals, Royal Glow mineral highlighter

Hey! This time I come to you with another mineral cosmetic – this time it is Royal Glow mineral highlighter from Annabelle Minerals. It is a beautiful and golden, truly royal shade that will surely come in handy for the upcoming summer.  It will perfectly emphasize my tan. It can be used alone, on traditional liquid foundations or […]

Annabelle Minerals, mineral eyeshadows | swatches

Hey guys! I come to you today with another post about my favorite mineral cosmetics Annabelle Minerals: the most interesting eye shadows in my opinion. The eyeshadow offer of this company is very rich, it includes as many as 17 shades of mineral shadows.  I picked a few new colors out of them and also took out […]

Lily Lolo, Spring healthly mineral makeup

Hey guys! Today I come to you with the latest news in my makeup – Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics. Is it just me that I put aside all heavy foundations, powders and silicone make-up bases as spring approaches? Wet contouring goes into the corner, I hide all the dark colors of lipsticks and I want to use […]

Lily Lolo mineral blush | Ooh La La

Hey guys. Today it’s time for a review of the mineral blush from Lily Lolo. It is a bright, very nice shade of juicy pink with delicate particles.  I think it is the most universal color in the entire range of this company. It will suit any complexion and is so delicate that it is difficult to stain […]

Earthnicity Minerals, shadows swatches and opinion

Hey guys! Today I come to you with another review of mineral cosmetics: the most interesting mineral eyeshadows by Earthnicity Minerals in my opinion. They are also the most popular colors, most often selected from the mineral offer in their online store. No wonder, because these shades are universal, they suit everyone, they are perfect for everyday […]

Silk Glow mineral powder, Earthnicity Minerals

Hey guys! Today it’s finally time for the last post about Earthnicity Minerals mineral cosmetics, this time it will be a review of Silk Glow Light mineral powder.  It is an ultra-light powder for very light and fair complexions. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, it is supposed to add glow to the skin and make it […]

Earthnicity Minerals, Delicate blusher

Hey guys. Today it’s time to review another mineral cosmetic from Earthnicity Minerals, Delicate blusher. It is a very light, delicate shade of nude pink. It is matte, without particles. I think it is the most universal color that I have come across among this type of mineral rose. It will suit any complexion and is so delicate that […]

My make up nad dressing table collection, part 2

Hey guys! Today, the second part of the post about my dressing table and make up collection. So I will tell you about my favorite corner, mirror, and cosmetics living on the counter. If you haven’t seen the previous post, I would like to encourage you again: I am talking about a lot of cosmetics, mainly mineral […]

My dressing table and makeup cosmetics, part 1

Hey guys! Today will be my first makeup post, which is my dressing table and the contents of the dresser: all the makeup cosmetics I currently have. Are you curious about my collections? I invite you to post and see the photos 🙂 My dressing table and makeup collection is not very extensive. Cosmetics live mainly on the top […]

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