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Hair empties of the year | 2. masks, conditioners, oils

Hey loved ones! Today it is time for the final design of the bottom of the year, i.e. cosmetic wear throughout the past year. This will be a summary of some of the uses of hair care productsmasks, conditioners, intermediates, shampoos, oils. Every year I make various kinds of shorter and longer bottom designs, but cyclically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies. The main reason I do this is to throw away any products that have reached their expiration date.

And to use up those that end on their own, but those that I never use, but still remain on the shelves, and to summarize the care of the last months. This time, I also focused on hair products. I managed to use most of the end of the year bottom in the project. Below I present to you my collections of almost all used packaging from the last 12 months. Feel free to post!

Hair oils and intermediates:

During the hair oiling treatment, after every wash, I managed to use a few bottles of oils, not only those for hair, as well as a lot of intermediates and the remnant of keratin. I also used in rotation all the other cosmetics with which I usually wash my hair on a daily basis.

Bottom of the hair year | 2. masks, conditioners and intermediates

Khadi, Intensively nourishing Rose hair oil – a wonderful scent of a real rose from the garden and a great effect. I used it as a face serum and as an oily hair perfume.

BeautyEver, Spirulina – remnants of a long-bought spirulina, spread around the house for use in hair, face and as a dietary supplement. Smelly but effective.

Castor oil – the only oil in the list, and still used by making DIY eyebrow, eyelash and nail serum. Fortunately, I have made a significant loss in the rest of the bottles that lie on the bathroom shelf.

BeautyEver, D-panthenol 75% – a brilliant moisturizer that I probably added to everything, not only in recipes for home cosmetics.

Koloró, Olive oil squalane – used for a serum and base for face makeup and as a hair serum, very pleasant to use and cheap, I recommend it!

Liniments, Hydrolyzed Keratin – this intermediate product needs no introduction, a great addition to tuning masks, conditioners, shampoos, scalp rubs and for making home cosmetics – peelings, hair serums. Cheap and irreplaceable, regenerates and smoothes hair, it must always be in my home.

hair empties | masks and conditioners:

Bottom of the hair year | 2. masks, conditioners and intermediates

Isana, conditioners from Rossmann: Intensive Care, Silky Gloss and Color ShineIsana color shine is a completely emollient conditioner from Rossmann, cheap and often on sale. For washing, emulsifying, 1O, tips, b / s … For everything.

Balea Profesionnal, Kopfhaut-Balance, soothing scalp conditioner – a nice and gentle washing conditioner from DM drugstore, is as pleasant as Garnier delicate oats, I simply adore it and buy it more than once.

Helia-D, Regenero, Hair strengthening conditioner – it had a brilliant composition – rich herbal extracts. Unfortunately, it is a very rare balm, it is terribly pouring when I massage it over my scalp after washing my hair, it drips down my fingers, or I apply too much of it. Very inefficient, runs out quickly.

Kallos Color, KJMN, mask for colored hair – a universal conditioner, so it worked for me during the trip, it was enough for washing my hair, for OMO, for emulsifying and for care, because I mixed with food products for making DIY masks. The mask was creamy but clear, not too thin, not dripping from the fingers. After use, the hair was always very soft and easy to comb.

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Cosnature, moisturizing conditioner with rosehip, dry and damaged hair – it has been with me for a long time, because it is incredibly thick and efficient, but it was a pity to use it for strength. It smells wonderfully, it is buttery and it softened my hair so much that it looked silky and smelled until the next washing.

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Bottom of the hair year | 2. masks, conditioners and intermediates

Joanna, Ultraplex, regenerator no. 3 nourishing serum – once bought after the Ultraplex treatment, I liked it so much for smoothing my hair that I bought another package, but then I forgot about it and it had to be used up quickly. I guess thanks to this it finally worked for me, used every second wash worked much better, also great as a serum after washing / bs for hair ends. It has a very poor performance compared to Olaplex, I think it’s a discontinued product.

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Mrs Potter’s Triple Root Strenghten, new hair products – from this series I quickly used up my conditioner and shampoo , and the mask is still on the shelf. The conditioner is cheap and simple, so it is perfect for massaging the scalp, for scrubs, and for washing.

Romantic Professional, Regenerate | new hair products – the entire Regenerate series has been used up a long time ago, thanks to the active help of my family and my partner, because I do not know how I would have gone through all these capacities. Despite the keratin content at the end of the composition, I had a smoothing and shining effect, and with the lotion and mask I was even able to wash my head and emulate oils.

Planeta Organica, Moroccan hair mask – an older version of the mask that is now silicone free, so even better. This one was my option for great occasions – shine, smoothness and the effect of the sheet on my hair guaranteed. Very efficient and heavy. After the early days of mindfulness, at the end of washing, the hair was slightly weighed down at the end of the wash.

Hair empties | shampoos

Bottom of the hair year | 2. masks, conditioners and intermediates

Vis Plantis – Atopy Skin – body and hair cleansing emulsion for dry and atopic skin – a great proven lotion for washing the whole body and as a shampoo, intended for the care of sensitive and very dry skin, it contains gentle cleansing substances that do not cause irritation.

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Love Beauty and Planet – in this series I had Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair with shea butter and sandalwood oil – the shampoo is very efficient and smoothing, and the emollient conditioner with a simple composition is suitable for everything. I love the smell of these hair products, I have noticeably felt the improvement in hydration and overall condition of my hair, I like that the packaging is ecological and the raw materials are ethically sourced.

Natura Estonica – AQUA BOOST Moisturizing Hair SHAMPOO – I chose this one because of the company I know and like, capacity and price. It wasn’t my daily shampoo, but for a change it’s great. Hair in the summer appreciated it – although it is strong, it actually moisturizes and protects.

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Bottom of the hair year | 2. masks, conditioners and intermediates

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The hair epties – summary

I have been able to use most of the conditioners and masks in the bottom design since the fall, which makes me very happy, and here I also think it is a very good result, especially since I went through all currently open hair cosmetics during the whole month.

In this way, we managed to finish the annual danko project. It turns out that I have used most of my planned hair cosmetics in the last few months. In addition, this year I used a lot of hair cosmetics and a lot of old intermediates, so I consider the bottom design successful and I am very pleased with myself.

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I hope that among all these products you have found some that you are interested in in some way. Be sure to let us know if you know them and how they worked for you. And if you like this bottom design, check out the previous parts.

Do you like to read about cosmetics in the bottom project? Asia

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