Homemade mask for dry hands – how to do?

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about a method that I have been successfully using for years with dry hands . Yes, it is about smearing them with a hair conditioner like we do with a cream. Any product is suitable for this, but it is best to use a thick and full-bodied one containing […]

Sainsbury’s shampoo and conditioner | apple green

What natural hair cosmetics should you buy in England?  Sainsbury’s products mark a new buying cycle from my recent trip to London. I thought that you might end up in the UK and want to buy something to wash or hang around the shops. And it is known that cosmetics are the best souvenir, because how practical!  […]

Planeta Organica, hammam hair conditioner

Hi guys! Hammam is a real Turkish hair spa. The conditioner has an amazing smell.  Sweet, spicy and sandalwood, exotic, deep, completely non-irritating or artificial, just beautiful – so much so that at the beginning I used it only on special occasions, in large amounts, so that my hair smells beautiful with it. Such a perfume for […]

FM HAIRLAB, AQUA2, new in my hair care

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you new products in the care of my hair – cosmetics from the FM Hairlab series. These are little known in the world of hair maniacs, but very interesting products with good ingredients and beautiful packaging, so I am glad to test them live. The AQUA2 series is designed […]

Jelly for hair treatment | DIY deep conditioning hair mask

Hey guys! Today I have prepared a post for you about natural methods of care – laminating hair with jelly. It is a home hair treatment that will help you achieve smooth and healthy shiny hair in a simple and quick way. After the first application, they will be soft to the touch and certainly much healthier. Gelatin […]

How to used up a hair conditioner? 3 ways

Hi guys! what do we want to use a bad hair conditioner? Well, each of us has a few hair products in our bathroom that have been lying around for a long time. We simply forget about some of them, some do not serve us or we have too much cosmetics. Meanwhile, the expiry date is approaching […]

DIY curl reanimation spray and moisturizing conditioner

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another DIY recipe for your natural hair – DIY curl reanimation spray which can also be successfully used as a daily, moisturising conditioner without rinsing. Every curly-haired girl knows the method of quick reanimation of the hair, when to strengthen the twist after the night we sprinkle the hair with […]

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