L’oreal Elseve, Dream Long, detangling conditioner

Hey guys! I come to you today with another short review of hair care cosmetics, this time it’s L’oreal Elseve Dream Long, a detangling conditioner for long and damaged hair. I tested this cosmetic some time ago, because I bought it in London when it was still a novelty not available on the Polish cosmetics market. Of […]

Hair products empties | natural hair products junkie

Hi guys! Every year I make various kinds of shorter and longer empties, but cyclically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies.  I do it mainly to throw away all the products that have expired, to use those that are ending by themselves, but those that I never […]

Ziaja conditioners: goat’s milk and honey regeneration

Hey guys! Today I come to you with new hair products, this time they are Ziaja conditioners: goat’s milk with keratin and intensive regeneration with honey. For a long time, Ziaja has in its offer well-known, cheap and great cosmetics for the care of not only hair. Unfortunately, few products are without bad alcohol in the composition […]

Planeta Organica, Provencal hair balm

Hi guys! Provencal balm, the lavender meadow in my bathroom. This is my second lotion from the Planeta Organica series – last time I bought Turkish Hamman lotion, which turned out to be a great, light everyday conditioner.  I spotted this balm in a small shop during my stay in Riga. It cost much less there than […]

Babushka Agafia’s recipes, damaged hair balm

Hi guys! Babushka Agafia’s hair balm \is definitely one of my favorite hair cosmetics. It may be light, but the hair is soft and pleasantly fragrant, and the scalp is soothed. The balm has a consistency that I associate with vanilla-scented pudding (with the addition of herbal honey?), It is really very pleasant to use. Very good, light […]

Sessio hair vege cocktail | light curly hair conditioners

Hey guys! I come to you today with new hair care products, this time it is the Sessio hair vege cocktail series. They are great, emollient cosmetics for dry, damaged, but also delicate and sensitive hair, because they have a very light formula – they will not weigh our hair down! Therefore, they will prove themselves in […]

Balea conditioners from DM drugerie: mango and vanilla

Hey guys! Today I am coming to you with new hair products, this time Balea conditioners from DM drugstore: mango and vanilla. I bought Balea nutrients from DM in the Czech Republic at a promotional price of about 2 zlotys, so they pay off very much, because each package contains 300 ml of the product. I admitted […]

Garnier Fructis, Goodbye Damage | hair news

Hey guys! Today I have another hair post for you, an overview of the popular series of hair care cosmetics from Garnier Fructis: Goodbye Damage.  It is a variant for thin and damaged hair that needs reinforcement, so I hope it will help my dry hair. I must admit that I have been going to buy a […]

Dove, Nourishing Oil Care | hair news

Hey guys! I am starting another hair test, this time of a popular series of hair care cosmetics: shampoo and conditioner from Dove, Nourishing Oil Care.  This variant is intended for dry and frizzy hair, i.e. probably damaged hair, so I hope it will help my dry hair after dyeing. The products are supposed to provide the […]

Project pan 20 in 2020 | hair empties update

Hello! Today it’s time for the new Project pan update, the cosmetic i used up of the last weeks. This time, my update will be about hair care products, or rather it’s an update to the post where I started the pan project 20 in 2020. Over the next few months, I will only use these things, […]

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