Marion, Enjoy Fruit, scalp conditioner lotion

Hi folks! Today I have another hair post for you, that is the last new care product: Strengthening hair mist Marion with sea buckthorn fruit with beneficial properties and biotin. The mist with such a composition promises to be very interesting, especially since we have few products of this type on the market, designed specifically to strengthen […]

Lirene, three light skin foundations | makeup

Hey guys! Today I come to you with the latest news in my make-up – face foundations from Lirene. They are not completely natural cosmetics, like mineral powder makeup, but they certainly have much better ingredients than typical, heavy and silicone products from drugstores. There are currently several open underlays on my dressing table that I would […]

Planeta Organica, hammam balm conditioner for long hair

Hi guys! Balsam fortifying hammam is a real Turkish hair spa. The Planeta Organica conditioner has an amazing smell. Sweet, spicy and sandalwood, exotic, deep, completely non-irritating or artificial, just beautiful. To such an extent that at the beginning I used it only on special occasions, in large amounts, so that my hair smells beautiful with it. Such […]

Alterra Body oil with lime and olive oil

Do you use body oil? After a busy day, full of stress, cold and wind, we should relax in a beautifully scented bathtub, a book and a warm blanket or a good movie. If we do not have time, at least a hot shower with fragrant forest and summer cosmetics is enough. I recently like […]

Joanna Styling Effect, strong hair gel

Hey! Today I have another styling review for you on my blog, Joanna Styling Effect, strong hair gel. So one of the first stylers I started using since I started conscious hair care , mainly because it is so easily available and cheap. It is a long-known cosmetic for styling wavy and curly hair. The gel is strong, has a slightly natural composition, but […]

SESSIO, foam shampoo with sage and pomegranate

Hey guys! I come to you today with another novelty in hair care, this time it is Sessio, a mousse shampoo with sage and pomegranate. I like foam shampoos, even though their compositions do not suit me completely. Many canned products are irritating alcohol, and shampoos, despite the lack of SLS and SLES, still contain strong detergents. I […]

Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about the Amilie Foundation, Coverage Cashmere, the last pearl in my discoveries of mineral cosmetics. I got Amilie’s covering mineral foundation as a gift from a friend, whom he completely did not match. He knows that I like to make organic makeup according to my own recipes, I […]

Annabelle Minerals, Royal Glow mineral highlighter

Hey! This time I come to you with another mineral cosmetic – this time it is Royal Glow mineral highlighter from Annabelle Minerals. It is a beautiful and golden, truly royal shade that will surely come in handy for the upcoming summer.  It will perfectly emphasize my tan. It can be used alone, on traditional liquid foundations or […]

Marion Curly hair, Final Control cream and lotion

Hey guys! Today I have another hair post for you, my last styling novelty: Marion from the Curly hair series, Final Control hair styling cream and liquid. I bought these products some time ago and have been testing them in various roles ever since. Today it’s finally time to review new hair styling products. What do I think […]

Bania Agafia, Honey soap for hair and body

Hey guys! I come to you today with another review of hair care cosmetics, this time it is Agafia Bania, Honey soap for hair and body. I like to test traditional shampoos, even though their compositions sometimes do not suit me completely. Many canned products are irritating alcohol, and shampoos, despite the lack of SLS and SLES, […]

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