Manuka honey, a natural and healthy dietary supplement

Hey guys! Today I have another article for you in the health section: we will talk about what Manuka honey is and how we can include it in our diet for the benefit of health, beauty and better immunity. I confess that I always have to have a jar of this honey at home. It stands in […]

Homemade syrup for immunity, cough and throat pain

Hey guys! Today I have another healthy potions for you: a recipe for home-made syrup for cough, cold, viruses and better immunity. In these times of the ever-increasing threat of viral diseases, we are increasingly turning to traditional treatments for help; we come back to organic products, potions and natural treatments that our ancestors used successfully in […]

Pizza from the pan | Dietary, fast and tasty

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for a delicious dish – pan pizza, which will work well in many diets, especially low-calorie and low-fat diets. Sure you all like pizza, but homemade pizza takes some time and effort to prepare. Meanwhile, a recipe for this dish made in a pan has been circulating on […]

Beet sourdough – for borscht and for health

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for Christmas dishes for you: beet leaven, which we can use to prepare Christmas Eve borscht or we can drink it alone as an extremely healthy and tasty drink. Many people are afraid of homemade sourdough, because sometimes it can fail, squeeze or moldy and buy ready-made, store-bought products. However, […]

BURN ACTIVE for slimming – effects after a month

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about dietary supplementation, the effects of slimming treatment with BURN ACTIVE tablets. I recently received this dietary supplement as part of tests and today I decided to write to you how it worked. It was my monthly treatment with the preparation, during which I also reduced calories, ate […]

Epsom salt, a cheap pharmacy gem with many uses

Hi guys! Epsom salt can have many health-promoting applications, unfortunately not the food one used for salting dishes. Bitter salt, magnesium sulfate, also known as Epson salt, is one of the cheapest treatments we can use to help ourselves with everyday ailments. It is also good for beauty. I have had salt at home for some time, […]

Home treatment for cholesterol and hypertension

Hi guys! Today I come to you with a recipe for a potion – it’s a home treatment that will help lower cholesterol and hypertension. In times of the ever-increasing threat of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, we are increasingly turning to traditional treatment methods for help; we come back to organic products, potions and […]

Painful period-10 home remedies for menstruation

Hi guys! I announce my remedies for painful period nad menstruation. I have always suffered from a painful and abundant menstruation, during my period I have had cramps, abdominal pain, swelling and … a strange feeling of cold feet 🙂 However, although each of us feels unpleasant these days, we cannot let our body biology disturb […]

Kanaste, CBD Oil 550 mg – my effects after a month

Hey guys! I recently started testing Kanaste CBD oil, which is supposed to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality, focus and relaxation, as well as support recovery after training. I count on it the most, after my last training sessions and May bike trips, I still have sore muscles and aching muscles. I’m very curious how it […]

Keto omelette with vegetables | Ketogenic cuisine

Hey guys! Today I have another tasty recipe for you – Keto omelette with vegetables, or eggs for breakfast popular all over the world in a healthier, ketogenic version. This breakfast dish is another of my favorite and very quick recipes! They are made really fast – in less than five minutes! The omelette is easy to make […]

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