What to do with food scraps | no waste

Hey! Today I have an unusual entry for you, but I would like to touch on a very important problem: what to do with the leftover food that remains after Christmas, communion, name day and all family gatherings? As every year, we promise ourselves that this time we will cook less and better plan meals […]

Homemade banana fertilizer | DIY the easiest recipe

Hey guys! Today I have something completely new for you: a recipe for homemade banana fertilizer, the first recipe in a new series of eco-gardening tips. It is definitely the cheapest, the fastest and the easiest in the world to make specific for indoor plants and others, which will certainly work for everyone. To make it, you […]

How to save electricity? 10 easy ways

We are always afraid of sudden increases in electricity prices in Poland, and yet all you need to do is change your habits to learn to save electricity on a daily basis.  Thanks to these few simple and quick ways we can learn to save electricity at home, so we will not only save money, […]

Vinegar and citrus cleaning spray, eco, DIY, no waste

Hi! I come to you today with a recipe for a cheap and universal household cleaning spray. Are you planning great spring cleaning in the spring? Then this post is just for you! 🙂 The liquid is easy to prepare from products that you already have at home. It is efficient and perfectly cleans even the most dirty […]

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