Darkening hair rinse with 3 herbs | DIY

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair dye care – a darkening hair rinse with 3 herbs, which dyes the hair brown. The idea for this homemade recipe came to my mind when I saw a young walnut tree growing far from the road, near the forest. I remembered […]

Venita, herbal hair dyes | henna 100% natural

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Venita paints. These are herbal hair dyes with ingredients entirely derived from natural, vegan and organic cosmetics at very good prices. I have been recommending these paints on Instagram for a long time, because they interested me from the moment they appeared in drugstores. First of all, […]

How to lighten your hair naturally, with Herbs?

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about how to lighten your hair naturally – herbs and naturally obtained acids, which have long been used in folk medicine, will help us in this. Many of us turn to natural methods of dyeing hair, because we realize that traditional, store chemicals simply do not […]

DIY herbal mouthwash, Homemade and fluoride-free

Hi, guys! Today, a recipe for the simplest and cheapest possible, eco-friendly mouthwash without fluoride. I like it very much for its delicate taste and nice effect.  You’re probably wondering if mouthwashes are effective even when they don’t have fluoride? Sure. After all, we want freshness and rinse out food remains: even rinsing your teeth after a meal […]

Insect bites? Natural remedies for pain and itching

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about natural methods, this time we will talk about what to use for insect bites and how to protect yourself from them. We are in the middle of summer and a small trip to the plot, forest or meadow is enough to be painfully bitten by insect-bitterns, […]

Elderberry flower syrup – for immunity and lemonade

Hey guys! Today I have another post about healthy recipes – Elderberry flower syrup. You surely know this tree blooming white, growing near forests and in groves. We collect these plants for berries, because elderberry syrup or tincture is a great remedy for colds. However, already now we can collect fresh, blooming lilac flowers and make many interesting […]

Aloe vera- properties and use in natural cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another post for you about the natural care of hair, face and body – aloe and its properties and use in cosmetics. You surely know how many products with aloe vera on the cosmetic market; starting with gels, through hair masks, face creams and even bath products and soaps. It is therefore worth […]

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