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Boots, Garnier, Ors, Loreal | hair purchases from England

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Hey! I prepared another post for you about new cosmetics for hair – Boots, Garnier, Ors, Loreal, that is about the cosmetics I bought during my last trip to England. These are mainly hair masks and conditioners, oils and a styler. It is also another entry in the new series: What natural hair cosmetics are worth buying in England?

I thought that maybe you will find yourself in the UK and want to buy something to wash or hang around the shops. And it is known that cosmetics are the best souvenir, because how practical! So what to buy in England? Before going to London, I did a little research on English natural cosmetics. Because I decided to visit a friend and we go to the stores with her. I also replenished its supplies, unfortunately, it is difficult to buy cheap and good hair cosmetics in London, as we do here. The most popular drugstore ones prevail. Only in these tiny Indian shops you can sometimes hunt for pearls – oils, butters, even henna by weight! In the English TK Maxx, there are also American wonders and brushes. We didn’t have much time, but we managed to buy a few things anyway. If you are interested in my new hair products, I invite you to the rest of this post.

Shopping from England | news in hair care

Sainsbury’s: Apple Green Shampoo and Conditioner

First an apple kit: shampoo and conditioner bought from Sainsbury’s for less than a pound. The shampoo is a typical stripper – at the beginning of the composition we have sls, salt and apple extract, which is nothing special. It cleans hair well, foams like any strong detergent and smells wonderful. And it was enough for me forever – the remnant used for washing hands and brushes.

The conditioner is one of the cheapest cosmetics with a good composition that we can buy in England. It is compatible with the Carly Girl CG method. It is suitable for washing, emulsifying oil and oiling the hair with the conditioner method. Contains EDTA, I have sometimes used it as a chelating mask.

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L’ORÉAL PARIS ELSEVE Dream Long, detangling conditioner for long hair

I bought this conditioner when it was still an interesting novelty, completely unavailable in Poland. I used it as a b / s and for quick cleaning as well as for early cleaning at the end of care. Unfortunately, aside from leaving a beautiful, sweet scent on my hair, she didn’t do anything with it.

Full Review: L’oreal Elseve, Dream Long, Detangling Conditioner

Shopping from England | news in hair care
Shopping from England | news in hair care

Loréal Hair Expertise Riche Nourishing, conditioner for damaged hair

I confused this conditioner with a pink conditioner from the same series, which is great for curly hair and has a much better composition. I tried to use it in the same way as the previous one, unfortunately it dried my hair instead of “nourishing” it. The composition is a mix-you have everything, except just brushing out after a quick wash.

Review: L’Oreal Hair Expertise, Pure Riche conditioner

Xpel, Argan Oil, Moisturizing hair mask, Hydrating Hair Mask

The mask even weighted down my dry, bleached hair. They were easy to comb and they shone, yes, but after two hours they were heavy, tattered and glued. Even when I was just giving it a little, to the very ends of my hair – loaded dumplings. After a few attempts to use this argan conditioner, I finally gave up. Bought in a tupu store: “all for a pound”, so it was not a pity.

Full Review: Xpel, Argan Oil: Argan Moisturizing Hair Mask

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula, conditioner and revitalizing treatment

The product contains keratin, but also oils and moisturizers, but I treat it as a protein mask with additives. I used this conditioner throughout my stay in England and my hair did not reprote, although I was very afraid of it. I have nice memories of that time, my hair was really nourished, moisturized and regenerated. The conditioner gives them shine, softness and smoothes the babyhair.

The sachet-treatment- is a thick butter , very efficient, but it spreads well and this amount was enough for me even for several times. My hair was beautiful after this treatment, all dryness and dullness disappeared, it straightened and shiny, unfortunately it also became greasy quickly afterwards.

Boots Essentials, Curl Creme, Curl Cream

CURL CREME is a low-power wave and curl cream, I think it is worth testing, especially for people with strong curls, it can work. (Thin hair, however, will most likely weigh it down.) The cream is cheap and has a nice composition, creating beautiful, soft and shiny curls. In addition, it nicely adds weight to the hair and extends my curl. Just think that I bought it for 2 pounds (10 zlotys) at the neighborhood Boots.


Boots Extra Firm Hold, Hair Styling Mousse

At first, I wanted to buy Boots for curly hair, which was recommended to me by many girls living in London. Unfortunately, there was a lack, but this one was also supposed to hold a stronger hold. I decided to try it out because it has a good composition, without alcohol and unnecessary frills, has a huge capacity and is cheap – 5 zlotys without promotion. The mousse worked well for me, it really holds my hair tight. Soft curls, not sticky. Chemical, hairdressing smell, but it flies away quickly. Mousse plus cream for curls from Boots is a good duo, and if I add a gel at the end of styling, my curls have a chance to survive even a few days of English rain. I recommend!

Umberto Giannini, Curl Jelly

I was looking for a gel to add curl to my hair, because the mousse and cream alone did not hold my wavy hair in such humidity. I decided to bet on this gel, which is already a cult cosmetic in the world. Back then it was unavailable in Poland, but now you can find the whole series in Hebe for a normal price of about PLN 30. The gel is great, it holds really tight, but nothing sticks together, it doesn’t make rusks or pods, my curls are soft, bouncy and shiny. It even works by itself, with a conditioner as a foundation. A very nice gel, a defect-free styler, worth the price.

Garnier Ultimate Blends, Delicate Oat Conditioner

Very pleasant, enveloping, softening and pleasant to use conditioner. It actually soothes a sensitive scalp while nourishing and softening your hair. I really smell rice and oat milk here. It’s like scented vanilla pudding early in your hair. Perfect as a gentle washer, for OMO, wonderful for emulsifying oil and as a base for oiling. My locks have never been so soft and smooth. Of course, also as a base for all stylers. I am directly dependent on it and I save money, because unfortunately this version is still not available in Poland. I also have to buy a mask from this series.

ORS ™, Olive Oil Hair Masque, olive hair mask

It was a mask for damaged hair and that’s how I used it as an intensively rebuilding treatment for foils and a shower cap. It was incredibly dense, white and firm that it was difficult to apply. I don’t think it had a sensational composition or action, but then it helped my damaged hair anyway. It contained coconut oil, glycerin, keratin, lanolin and two silicones – it can definitely weigh down thin and weak hair. I also bought the mask in a cheap store, it already cost 2 pounds, so it still paid off instead of approx. 5 pounds.

ORS, HAIRepair Coconut Oil & Baobab Vital Oils, hair oils

The bottle has a funnel and is supposed to be used on the scalp as a light mixture. “For dry, damaged hair and dry scalp.” I wouldn’t dare to use it like that, through silicones, even volatile ones. All in all, maybe it is a series for very curly hair, type 4. I used the oil as a serum for hair ends and sometimes for hair oiling, addition to masks, etc. It smelled nice and performed well in this role, but sometimes I put a lot of weight on my hair, I had to wash much more often.

Shopping from England | news in hair care

Fantasia Ic Hair Polisher, Shea Butter Oil

It is a typical serum for hair ends based on oils and silicones, that’s how I used them. At first it smelled very nice, oily and enveloping, sweet, but soon the smell faded and the serum turned a lighter color. It is a strange product, efficient and heavy, it weighted my hair down even as 1 droplet and I really don’t know how one person with even very long hair would use it. Saw them in a £ 1 store, they probably come from there, although this series is also sold in afro stores.

Wristbands, cufflinks and scrunchy

At a time when these healthy hair bands were just becoming popular with us, they were available for literally pennies in Primark and other cheap stores, so I recommend tightening them up there.

Beard products for men – balm, Man cave cream, Brisk

I bought them as gifts at Boots, quite successful, because again: we did not have a cosmetics market at that time. However, the natural and oily composition of these products allowed me to steal them to care for eyebrows, nails and hair ends, and finally you can also oil your hair.

To sum up:

I believe that these are very interesting products that are definitely worth testing. And for such a low price. If he is in England, it is worth taking a walk not only in Boots and in great drugstores, afro stores, pounders and Indian stores, because you will surely find many gems for hair care and styling.

Do you know the brands of cosmetics typical for England? Asia

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