Derma plus, Hand cream with Goji berry extract

Hey dear, on this beautiful and sunny day! Today I come to you with a review of the Derma plus hand cream with Goji berry extract.  My skin is still dry after a long winter, and the constant cleaning and washing my hands in strong detergents worsen their condition. Ordinary, glycerin creams did not keep the skin […]

Natural body cosmetics for fall and winter | Top 5

Hey dear! Today I have another post for you about body care – top 5 best natural body cosmetics for fall and winter Winter is not the best time for our skin: constant frost, unscrewed radiators and wearing thick layers of clothes can result in excessive drying of the body, itching or an unpleasant feeling of tightness. Our […]

Green Pharmacy, Pelling with shea butter and green coffee

I very rarely buy ready-made, shop peelings like Green Pharmacy. It is obvious how easy it is to make such a product yourself at home. In fact, all you need to do is mix something abrasive with something oily, such as coconut butter or even kitchen rapeseed oil with sugar, to create a perfectly working peeling. Sometimes, […]

Cold Cream moisturizing milk | Le Petit Marseillais

Hey guys! I come to you today with a review of another cosmetic – it will be a body lotion Cold Cream from Le Petit Marseillais.  During the heating season, my skin is still dry, and the constant cold and dry air from the radiators make them worse. Ordinary, glycerin lotions did not keep the skin moist […]

Nacomi, Cuticle care oil “Papaya pie”

Hey! Today I have another post for you with mini reviews of natural and organic cosmetics: Nacomi, Cuticle care oil. I have to admit that I bought Nacomi oil on a promotion in Hebe, tempted by its smell and beautiful bottle. And the composition, of course – they are actually the same precious oils with the addition […]

Isana Med, Ultra Sensitive, aluminum free deodorant

Hi guys! Drugstore deodorant Isana without aluminum salt -can it be effective? Each of us knows how difficult it is to find a good and effective deodorant, especially if we want to have a product with a good composition, without aluminum salts and irritating alcohol. There are not many such products on the market. I’ve already […]

Homemade mask for dry hands – how to do?

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about a method that I have been successfully using for years with dry hands . Yes, it is about smearing them with a hair conditioner like we do with a cream. Any product is suitable for this, but it is best to use a thick and full-bodied one containing […]

How to tan quickly? 5 ways to get a beautiful tan

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of care – how to tan quickly so that our skin remains healthy, smooth and has a beautiful, brown color – perfect for summer! If you are going on vacation and / or want to sunbathe quickly in the sun, but you are […]

Maudi, new cosmetics in my natural care

MAUDI Macadamia oil reduces cellulite, scars and stretch marks MAUDI Macadamia oil reduces cellulite, scars and stretch marks, has exceptional regenerating properties. MAUDI Macadamia oil recommended for dry, damaged and cellulite-prone skin. Noticeably reduces the visibility of scars and stretch marks. Natural refined oil. Use Apply a small amount of oil to the skin of […]

Alterra Body oil with lime and olive oil

Do you use body oil? After a busy day, full of stress, cold and wind, we should relax in a beautifully scented bathtub, a book and a warm blanket or a good movie. If we do not have time, at least a hot shower with fragrant forest and summer cosmetics is enough. I recently like […]

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