Marion Curly hair, Final Control cream and lotion

Hey guys! Today I have another hair post for you, my last styling novelty: Marion from the Curly hair series, Final Control hair styling cream and liquid. I bought these products some time ago and have been testing them in various roles ever since. Today it’s finally time to review new hair styling products. What do I think […]

Syoss men power hold | gel for curly hair

Hey! The time has finally come for stylers reviews on my blog, so I decided to start with Syoss men power hold, one of the first stylers I started using since I started conscious hair care. It is definitely everyone who has long known and cult cosmetic for styling wavy and curly hair. Despite the fact that […]

Vis Plantis mask for weakened hair: for co-washing hair

Hey guys! I come to you today with another short review of hair care products, this time it is the VIS PLANTIS mask for weakened hair with a tendency to falling out, fenugreek, black turnip and field horsetail from the Herbal Vital Care series. I tested this cosmetic some time ago, because I got it in […]

L’oreal Stylista, hair styling cosmetics

Hi! Today it’s time to review new hair styling products from another package of L’Oreal Stylista cosmetics. What do I think about them? They certainly don’t have super natural ingredients, but I like to do some original hairstyles from time to time and I haven’t found the perfect products for my curls yet. I usually use a […]

DIY curl reanimation spray and moisturizing conditioner

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another DIY recipe for your natural hair – DIY curl reanimation spray which can also be successfully used as a daily, moisturising conditioner without rinsing. Every curly-haired girl knows the method of quick reanimation of the hair, when to strengthen the twist after the night we sprinkle the hair with […]

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