Dandelion flower syrup

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for healthy concoctions – Dandelion Flower Syrup. You surely know this yellow-blooming spring plant from lawns and meadows. Treated unfairly as a nuisance weed, but dandelion flower syrup is a very effective medicine, and the whole plant has many health-promoting properties. So I encourage you to pick the flowers […]

Nutrikosmetic – what it is and how to use it

Hey guys. Today I have another post about health care – what nutricosmetic is about. When you think about Nutrikosmetic , you immediately think of a dietary supplement that allows us to replenish the deficiencies of nutrients that affect the healthy condition of our hair, skin and nails.Thinking about healthy hair and proper care, we usually reach for […]

Cyanobacteria in the sea – are they dangerous?

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you in the health cycle – what are cyanobacteria in the sea and are they really dangerous to us?  If you are going on vacation and / or want to swim in the sea but you are concerned about health problems, this post is for you. I will […]

Insect bites? Natural remedies for pain and itching

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about natural methods, this time we will talk about what to use for insect bites and how to protect yourself from them. We are in the middle of summer and a small trip to the plot, forest or meadow is enough to be painfully bitten by insect-bitterns, […]

Elderberry flower syrup – for immunity and lemonade

Hey guys! Today I have another post about healthy recipes – Elderberry flower syrup. You surely know this tree blooming white, growing near forests and in groves. We collect these plants for berries, because elderberry syrup or tincture is a great remedy for colds. However, already now we can collect fresh, blooming lilac flowers and make many interesting […]

Drinking yeast for hair growth- Is it worth it?My effects

Hey guys! Today I have another post for you “on request” – how to drinking yeast for hair. This is a method that I wrote about some time ago. I recently finished my second round of this hair growth method this year and decided to write more about the results. As you can already guess, taking them in […]

How to dry your hair quickly? 10 easy ways

Hey guys! Today I have prepared for you another entry with tips on natural hair care, this time about how to dry your hair quickly. If you are a person whose hair dries very long, you have to leave quickly or you just don’t want to sit too long with a wet head, this entry is […]

How to tan quickly? 5 ways to get a beautiful tan

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of care – how to tan quickly so that our skin remains healthy, smooth and has a beautiful, brown color – perfect for summer! If you are going on vacation and / or want to sunbathe quickly in the sun, but you are […]

Aloe vera- properties and use in natural cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another post for you about the natural care of hair, face and body – aloe and its properties and use in cosmetics. You surely know how many products with aloe vera on the cosmetic market; starting with gels, through hair masks, face creams and even bath products and soaps. It is therefore worth […]

Yeast for rapid hair growth, how to drink and to prepare?

Hey guys! Today I am starting another hair treatment for faster growth – this time it will not be any pills, but fresh, natural baker’s yeast for hair growth. I don’t know why I have never tried this treatment, I was probably afraid of the taste and my consequence: not so much when drinking, but […]

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