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How to save electricity? 10 easy ways

We are always afraid of sudden increases in electricity prices in Poland, and yet all you need to do is change your habits to learn to save electricity on a daily basis. 

Thanks to these few simple and quick ways we can learn to save electricity at home, so we will not only save money, but also help, although to a small extent, save the resources of our planet. 

Here are some of my simple ways to save energy that I successfully use myself.

1. The first and most important decision should be to change the energy supplier and negotiate your options

We can change our power supplier or negotiate better terms of our contract at any time. I accepted the promotion a long time ago, in which I have much cheaper electricity bills in the evenings and at weekends. At that time, I got used to turning on the park, the dryer and the dishwasher. As a result, electricity bills have significantly decreased in a short time. So let’s look for the best options to effectively save electricity every day. 

2. Replace the bulbs with energy-saving ones 

Ordinary bulbs are cheap, but the energy-saving ones will very effectively help us save electricity already on the lighting itself. They consume up to 80% less energy than ordinary light bulbs and are much more durable than them. We also have a choice as to the color and intensity of the light. However, it should be remembered that these types of bulbs “light up” longer and consume more energy when switching on. So if we leave the room for a short while, it is better to leave the light on. I usually leave ceiling lighting in the living room turned on all evening: this room has the most traffic, so it comes out economical anyway. Conversely, if you have regular old type bulbs – always turn off the lights you are not using. 

ways to save energy

3. Take unused electronic devices out of contact

This is one of the most effective methods for saving energy at home, which we often forget. Therefore, it is worth getting into the habit of disconnecting from the power, e.g. a telephone, immediately after charging. And also turning off all active lights at night: strips, printer, router, TV. It should be remembered that both the charger and the TV set may go into standby mode. It is not enough to switch off the device with the button, because it can still draw energy. A good solution is to buy a surge protector , thanks to which you can connect and turn off several devices with one move. So it is a very useful device for saving electricity. 

4. Replace the home appliances with energy-efficient ones 

A fridge is a device that works without interruption and we don’t even realize how much electricity it can use. Similarly, with a washing machine, if we have a large family and do laundry often, and when the drum is not completely full. It is better to do less often and full laundry.

It is always worth replacing any old equipment with energy-saving equipment of class A +++ or A ++. Our annual energy consumption will drop significantly. I found out about it the hard way when I finally replaced the old fridge (from my grandmother’s inheritance, so with sentiment) for a new, economical and smaller one, because that one was never completely filled. A large, one-time expense, which, however, allowed me to significantly save electricity and paid back in a really short time.

It is also a great idea to move the fridge away from the wall by a distance of about 10 cm – better air circulation can reduce power consumption by up to 15%. And of course the advice that we all know well – we don’t leave the fridge door open for too long. 

5. Turn off the electricity and fridge when you leave

Another idea that allowed me to save electricity and … nerves about short circuits wyje If you’re going for more than a week, it is worth thawing the fridge during this time. Assuming that we don’t have a huge freezer full of food, it is very easy to prepare it. Do not shop for a moment, eat the leftovers and you can take some of it with you, e.g. in the form of a salad for the road. You can also give tasty dishes to your family or neighbors. Then wash the fridge and leave it open to air. If you do not turn off the power, make sure you disconnect all devices and strips. A tiny flashing light on a printer turned on for several months can consume a lot of power.

6. Use the lamp instead of turning on all the lights

For reading or watching TV, we do not need ceiling lighting, it is much better for our eyes to turn on a text-oriented lamp or lamp in the corner of the room, which will brighten the dimness enough and help save electricity in the long run. 

how to save electricity

7. Collect the family together

A person who does not need focus because, for example, only browses the Internet, can do it in the same room as the person who does homework or even watches TV (because on headphones). You don’t have to turn on all the lights in the whole house every evening, thanks to which we save electricity and at the same time strengthen family ties. 

8. Daylight is best

For work, homework and taking pictures, bright, daylight is best suited, no lamps can replace it. So if we can, it is worth planning your day so that the most intense activities for the eyes do just before dark. Low electricity bills and good eyesight will definitely make up for it.

Another method is to remove curtains and excess pots from the windows, thanks to which the house will brighten more and you can not turn on the light for a while longer.

When planning the construction (or buying and renovating an apartment), it is worth considering the additional windows in the bathroom and kitchen. Natural light sources can effectively brighten the room, in addition, we will get rid of excess moisture.

9. Replace the kettle and stove

Electric kettles, although they boil water very quickly, can, however, consume a lot of electricity, especially when we boil in them often and in too much water at once. It is worth pouring as much water as we need at the moment. The more, the longer it cooks and the more the kettle uses energy.

Gas is still cheaper than electricity, so if we have a natural gas stove, it is worth heating the dishes instead of using a microwave or an electric stove.

10. Put the computer to sleep

If you use a non-stop computer and leave it open all the time, you can set it to sleep automatically so that your electricity consumption is lower and your computer is ready to go quickly. Often, we do not realize how much power is consumed daily by a turned on computer, let alone several devices at once, throughout the home.

how to save electricity

Perhaps my advice is not very original, but I write with all honesty that they bring me really tangible benefits in saving on electricity in the household, which is why I wanted to share them with you. At first, they will probably be difficult to remember. Therefore, I myself wrote them down for memory on a piece of paper pinned to the door, e.g. “weekend wash” on the washing machine or “close” on the fridge and “don’t put out” at the switch. Thanks to these tricks, we will quickly get used to new methods, become a daily routine, learn how to save electricity every day, and energy bills will soon begin to decrease.

I hope I helped you with a handful of good advice, if you know other methods for saving energy, write me in the comment, I will be very pleased!


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