Vis Plantis | News in natural cosmetics

Hey guys! I come to you today with natural Vis Plantis cosmetics, which are other new products in the care of my face and body. It is an interesting, natural company that took the cosmetics market by storm a long time ago.  Vis Plantis products from Elfa Pharm are certainly known to you from store shelves, they […]

Vis Plantis | new products for body, face and hair

Hey guys! I come to you today with another post about Vis Plantis cosmetics, i.e. new products in body, face and hair care.  Vis Plantis products from Elfa Pharm are certainly known to you from store shelves, because they are easily available in drugstores, inexpensive and characterized by a high content of ingredients of natural origin. Therefore, […]

AA Plant power, face cream red algae and jasmine

Cream AA Plant Power I bought a 2 + 2 promotion at drogerie, although I really wanted to catch a new botanical series of Bielenda to have complete sets – creams and serums to be tested comprehensively, but unfortunately … The store was small, the promotion was ending, I only had the last micellar liquid left on […]

Empties 2020 | natural face care cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another empties for you, i.e. natural face cosmetic from almost the entire last year. I wrote the last entry about hair wear, and this time my bottom will be about face care products. I hope you found this type of post interesting. I plan to write about different consumables along with short reviews […]

Natural cosmetics | Top 5 best gifts for her

Hey guys! It’s time for the first part of the gift guide, where I will show you natural cosmetics, i.e. my ideas for the best gifts for her. Does your girlfriend / wife / daughter / mom / grandmother, etc., walk around all the time with a turban on her head? Does he sprinkle herbs and make […]

News in my natural care- Natura Estonica, Agafia, KTC

Hey guys! Today it’s time for another post with news in the care of my face, hair and body- Fitocosmetic, Natura Estonica, KTC. This time it is a shopping haul from the store, a popular place on the map of stores with natural cosmetics.  You surely know this place for its great range of hair products. The […]

Iwostin Purritin | news in my face care

Hey guys! I come to you today with Iwostin Purritin cosmetics, which are new products in the care of my face. It is a well-known company that took the cosmetics market by storm a long time ago. You certainly associate Iwostin products with store shelves, they are easily available in drugstores and inexpensive. Therefore, I am delighted to be […]

Multani Mat facial clay – how to use?

Hey guys! Today we will review Multani Mati: yellow face clay, which I use not only to prepare masks. For many years I have not bought ready-made, shop face masks in sachets, because my skin loves home-made, self-made liniments. So when I saw that yellow box of Multani Mati clay in a discount basket at one of […]

Bielenda, Botanic Spa Rituals micellar water

Hi guys! I can admit that Bielenda turmeric and chia micellar is one of my latest drugstore favorites. I’ve been tempted to buy the entire Botanic series since it hit the market.  Usually, when cosmetic companies release “natural” products, I have big doubts about it. This time it is positive: the packaging is so nice, the compositions […]

Resibo, Naturally Smoothing face Serum | review

Hey guys! Today I come to you with another review of natural face care cosmetics: Resibo, Naturally Smoothing Serum. It is a valued and well-known brand on the organic and natural cosmetics market. No wonder, because it has wonderful, ecological packaging and excellent compositions of its cosmetics. Every owner of combination skin knows how difficult it is to […]

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