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Insect bites? Natural remedies for pain and itching

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about natural methods, this time we will talk about what to use for insect bites and how to protect yourself from them.

We are in the middle of summer and a small trip to the plot, forest or meadow is enough to be painfully bitten by insect-bitterns, midges, mosquitoes, wasps, spiders and even ticks. This is especially dangerous for children who will cry and open their wounds. Fortunately, there are natural, traditional methods, such as herbs or vegetables, that each of us has at home. If you are interested in how to protect yourself from it, I invite you to the rest of the post.

What about insect bites?  Natural methods

Chemical preparations for insects

Is it worth using shop chemical preparations for protection against insects? Here everyone has to answer this question himself. Such products are pure chemicals that are not indifferent to our health. Apart from that, it kills other beneficial insects in the vicinity of the spray area, for what is hidden here – such things smell bad and cost a lot if we want to constantly spray them.

What instead of harmful chemicals? Vinegar and alcohol!

It is enough to rub the painful and itchy bite with a few drops of vinegar or alcohol, e.g. vodka, salicylic alcohol or herbal tinctures. It will stop itching and the swelling will go away quickly.

What else? Herbs! They also repel insects with their smell, and they smell beautifully.

What herbs can help us?

Sage for insect bites

Such an inconspicuous herb as sage can also help us. How it works? It has a strong antiseptic effect and will quickly relieve pain and swelling.

How to use sage?

Make an infusion: pour a teaspoon of dried sage with a glass of boiling water. Brew under cover, strain and cool the infusion you can wash sore spots after bites.
Sage will also scare away mosquitoes: rub the fresh leaves between your fingers and rub the skin over several areas of the exposed body.
You can also dry the herb in the place where you spend the evening, e.g. on the terrace, to scare away any unwanted insects.

Sage, lavender and marjoram repel mosquitoes

Many flowers and herbs that we have in our gardens have an insect repellent effect. It is thanks to their essential oils and thus the wonderful smell. Plant a row of lavender around your porch or patio and you’ll never worry about mosquitoes anymore. You can also carry bags with dried flowers in your pocket or rub with oil lavender perfumes.

What about insect bites?  Natural methods

Hypericum for itching and pain after insect bites

This herb also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that soothe pain, burning and itching from insect bites. It is especially effective at treating pain after an attack by fluff and mosquitoes.

How is hypericum used?

Pour a teaspoon of dried herb (at any pharmacy) with a glass of boiling water and leave it to stretch, covered. With the cooled infusion, rinse the pain areas or make compresses, as in the case of sage. St. John’s wort oil is also effective as a point relief for painful bites. We can make the oil now, picking the fresh flowers of St. John’s wort in the meadows and making a maceration of them. It will be for next summer!

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Onion for insect bites

Nobody would expect vegetables to help us too. But the sulfur compounds and essential oils it contains have a strong effect, soothe pain and itching of the skin, and accelerate the healing of wounds.

How to use an onion?

Put a slice of raw, freshly peeled onion on the swollen area and leave it for a few minutes.
In case of greater swelling and inflammation, you can make a compress: simmer the onion into a mush in a little water and wrap around the wound with cling film.

Do you have other methods for insect bites?
Write in comments! Asia

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