The inversion method for hair growth – my treatment and effects

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be my treatment – the inversion method. A long time ago, when hair maniac blogs were just beginning to conquer the Internet, it was one of the most popular treatments for rapid hair growth. I myself have recommended and used […]

Homemade DIY rye flour shampoo | no poo, no waste

Hey guys! Today I have a recipe for you for homemade rye shampoo. Thus, I return to the posts with the basics of natural hair care, in accordance with your wishes. So we will deal with another no poo method, i.e. washing with flour. The most popular for this method is plain rye flour, such as for white […]

EcoBios and Ecolab | hair news

Hey guys! Today I have another hair post for you, which is my latest new care products: organic moisturizing mask with aloe vera and ecobios pomegranate and styling fluid aka liquid conditioner Ecolab after washing.  I know that masks with pure aloe vera juice have always been great for moisturizing my hair, so I have high […]

AA Plant power, face cream red algae and jasmine

Cream AA Plant Power I bought a 2 + 2 promotion at drogerie, although I really wanted to catch a new botanical series of Bielenda to have complete sets – creams and serums to be tested comprehensively, but unfortunately … The store was small, the promotion was ending, I only had the last micellar liquid left on […]

Perfumes and jewelry – the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys! I come to you today with new cosmetics, this time it is perfumes and jewelry for a perfect gift ideas. It has been known for a long time that such a set, i.e. perfumes and jewelry, are the perfect gift for every woman, be it on Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or on any other […]

Perfumed deodorant – what is it and how to use it?

Hey guys! Today I have a different type of entry for you – we will talk about perfumes and whether Eau de Parfum differs from deodorant.  A lot of people confuse these two things and don’t actually know how to use deodorants and perfumes. Especially deo sprays or deodorants sold on the antiperspirant shelf. As cheap perfume, armpit […]

Body care empties 2020 | natural organic cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another empties for you, i.e. used body cosmetics from almost the entire last year. I wrote the last entry with the wear of the face bottom, and this time my bottom will be about natural body care products. I hope you found this type of post interesting. I plan to write about different […]

Darkening hair rinse with 3 herbs | DIY

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair dye care – a darkening hair rinse with 3 herbs, which dyes the hair brown. The idea for this homemade recipe came to my mind when I saw a young walnut tree growing far from the road, near the forest. I remembered […]

Natural hair care empties from 2020

Hey guys! Today, it’s time for the finalHair empties cosmetic wear throughout the past year. This will be a summary of all your hair care products consumed. Every year I make various types of shorter and longer bottom designs, but periodically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies. I do it […]

L’oreal Elseve, Dream Long, detangling conditioner

Hey guys! I come to you today with another short review of hair care cosmetics, this time it’s L’oreal Elseve Dream Long, a detangling conditioner for long and damaged hair. I tested this cosmetic some time ago, because I bought it in London when it was still a novelty not available on the Polish cosmetics market. Of […]

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