Ziaja conditioners: goat’s milk and honey regeneration

Hey guys! Today I come to you with new hair products, this time they are Ziaja conditioners: goat’s milk with keratin and intensive regeneration with honey. For a long time, Ziaja has in its offer well-known, cheap and great cosmetics for the care of not only hair. Unfortunately, few products are without bad alcohol in the composition […]

Planeta Organica, Provencal hair balm

Hi guys! Provencal balm, the lavender meadow in my bathroom. This is my second lotion from the Planeta Organica series – last time I bought Turkish Hamman lotion, which turned out to be a great, light everyday conditioner.  I spotted this balm in a small shop during my stay in Riga. It cost much less there than […]

Alterra, Hair shampoo with active carbon

Hi guys! I will whip Alterra shampoos, even though their compositions do not suit me completely. Many canned products are irritating alcohol (after all, it is the cheapest vegan preservative available on the market) and shampoos, despite the lack of SLS and SLES, still contain strong detergents.  Nevertheless, they are still great cosmetics, and because my […]

Babushka Agafia’s recipes, damaged hair balm

Hi guys! Babushka Agafia’s hair balm \is definitely one of my favorite hair cosmetics. It may be light, but the hair is soft and pleasantly fragrant, and the scalp is soothed. The balm has a consistency that I associate with vanilla-scented pudding (with the addition of herbal honey?), It is really very pleasant to use. Very good, light […]

Xpel, Argan Oil: argan, moisturizing hair mask

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you another new product in my hair care – Argan Oil: argan, moisturizing hair mask with silicones. I got the mask as a gift, bought by a friend who knows that I love all oils, oils and hair products for testing. There is a lot of argan oil in […]

Khadi, Henna hair dye Sunny Blonde | tests

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review after dyeing Khadi henna in the shade Sunny Blonde. With spring, we feel like positive changes, and you know that as women we like to start with hair. Therefore, I decided to test the new color on my head and instead of dyeing my hair with Cassia […]

Biotebal, biotin for hair growth, effects after a month

Hey guys! Today I have you my first effects after a month of treatment with Biotebal tablets (biotin 5 mg). Biotebal is ordinary biotin tablets, otherwise known as vitamin. H or wit. B7. It is this ingredient that best reduces hair loss. The daily use of biotin for two months helps with hair loss, while when it comes to androgenetic alopecia, […]

Look Up, Grinday- formula for hair, skin, nails

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about healthy supplementation, i.e. Grinday Look Up tablets. It is a formula that is supposed to help us not only maintain healthy and beautiful hair, but also clean skin and strong nails. I was very happy to be able to test this dietary supplement because it has […]

Vis Plantis mask for weakened hair: for co-washing hair

Hey guys! I come to you today with another short review of hair care products, this time it is the VIS PLANTIS mask for weakened hair with a tendency to falling out, fenugreek, black turnip and field horsetail from the Herbal Vital Care series. I tested this cosmetic some time ago, because I got it in […]

Beauty Control, Viteamed- hair, skin, nails

Hey guys! Today I have your reviews and my first results after a two-month treatment with the Viteamed Beauty Control dietary supplement . The innovative formula of Beauty Control nourishes the skin, hair and nails, as well as overall strengthening and immunity. The natural ingredients contained in the preparation are the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, selected to ensure  healthy […]

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