Sainsbury’s shampoo and conditioner | apple green

What natural hair cosmetics should you buy in England?  Sainsbury’s products mark a new buying cycle from my recent trip to London. I thought that you might end up in the UK and want to buy something to wash or hang around the shops. And it is known that cosmetics are the best souvenir, because how practical!  […]

Planeta Organica, hammam hair conditioner

Hi guys! Hammam is a real Turkish hair spa. The conditioner has an amazing smell.  Sweet, spicy and sandalwood, exotic, deep, completely non-irritating or artificial, just beautiful – so much so that at the beginning I used it only on special occasions, in large amounts, so that my hair smells beautiful with it. Such a perfume for […]

FM HAIRLAB, AQUA2, new in my hair care

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you new products in the care of my hair – cosmetics from the FM Hairlab series. These are little known in the world of hair maniacs, but very interesting products with good ingredients and beautiful packaging, so I am glad to test them live. The AQUA2 series is designed […]

Jelly for hair treatment | DIY deep conditioning hair mask

Hey guys! Today I have prepared a post for you about natural methods of care – laminating hair with jelly. It is a home hair treatment that will help you achieve smooth and healthy shiny hair in a simple and quick way. After the first application, they will be soft to the touch and certainly much healthier. Gelatin […]

L’oreal Stylista, hair styling cosmetics

Hi! Today it’s time to review new hair styling products from another package of L’Oreal Stylista cosmetics. What do I think about them? They certainly don’t have super natural ingredients, but I like to do some original hairstyles from time to time and I haven’t found the perfect products for my curls yet. I usually use a […]

Khadi, “Shikakai” hair shampoo

Hey guys! Today I have a complete surprise for you: a review of the newest hair care product from Khadi, Khadi Skikakai shampoowhich has not been released yet. It will be available from July 15, which is very soon, and it is definitely worth a closer look. I just got into the care based on Ayurvedic herbs, because I was watching […]

Equilibra, news in my natural hair care

Hey guys! I have prepared another post for you about new cosmetics for hair – Equilibra cosmetics . This Italian company has been known and adored by hair maniacs for years, because many of their cosmetics are really brilliant. In addition, they have natural ingredients, full of aloe, oils and vegetable proteins. So, in my today’s set, I could not miss […]

Epsom salt, a cheap pharmacy gem with many uses

Hi guys! Epsom salt can have many health-promoting applications, unfortunately not the food one used for salting dishes. Bitter salt, magnesium sulfate, also known as Epson salt, is one of the cheapest treatments we can use to help ourselves with everyday ailments. It is also good for beauty. I have had salt at home for some time, […]

Ziaja, Aloe Tonic – cheap and universal cosmetic

Hey guys! Today I come to you with another short review – this time it will be an aloe vera facial tonic from Ziaja. This cosmetic has long been in the brand’s offer, I even remember it from my high school days, but some time ago it underwent changes in its graphic design and composition – […]

Indus Valley, Bio Organic, light brown hair henna

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Indus Valley henna in a shade of light brown. I finally dared to switch to indigo in my hair dyes, although I’m still a bit worried about it. So during my last shopping at the Lawenda Zielarnia Palace, I added the lightest shade I have ever […]

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