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Hello guys! I come to you today with another review of natural makeup cosmetics. Moonish Natural is a new natural color available in the Kontigo chain of stores. An interesting fact is that it is created by the same Polish company that made Felicea natural cosmetics for make-up, already known to all and really great quality products.

I admit that I am not a person who pays any attention to cosmetic and make-up novelties or fashionable stores, but I have heard about this brand more than once. They interested me a lot, especially after watching some online reviews. However, the prices always put me off. So when I saw one day that a new Kontigo store was opened close to me, I could test myself hard and make matchmakers.

The cosmetics were so great that I decided to make a small overview and overview of the most interesting products for you, so that you have an easier choice when shopping. Now, however, I have my opinion about the brand for you. So if you are interested, check out my short review of Moonish Natural cosmetics.

Moonish Natural
Moonish Natural

Moonish Natural- my opinion about cosmetics and the brand

Manufacturer’s description:

Moonish Natural is a comprehensive line of make-up cosmetics composed of at least 90% ingredients of natural origin. Innovative product formulas make the cosmetics gentle to the skin. Most of them are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, they additionally moisturize and nourish the skin. Moonish Natural is also a beautiful, romantic design of packaging inspired by the depth of the night sky, the magic of the moon and the glow of the stars.


The packaging is really beautiful and refers to the night sky, very interesting design and a great idea. They are also cardboard, light and ecological and not too big, which I like very much. Especially the face palette and eyeshadow palette are small and thin, just right for travel.

The foundation is in the glass, but the rest, unfortunately, have thin, plastic jars without strainers and protectors. I also did not like the packaging of individual products, such as bronzers or blushes, because they are wide and difficult to store, just like Hoola bronzers.

We buy creamy concealers and lip butter in small typical jars, it is a tiny and expensive packaging, which is unsanitary – we have to use our finger in it.

Also the jars of loose products leave a lot to be desired (except for loose powder) again tiny for this price and in ordinary screw top jars, without a strainer, they will surely be dusted and scattered everywhere around. I’d rather buy the mineral ones.

Moonish Natural
Moonish Natural bronzer shades

My opinion about the brand Moonish Natural:

Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever decide to buy these cosmetics. Their price scares me off, because even now, when everything is on sale, they are still too big for me. However, I think that it is a pity, they have great compositions and beautiful packaging and, for sure, an original idea. The brand would have had a much bigger breakthrough in our market a few years ago, when the make-up stocks were so terrible that often the girls went just abroad, to the nearest DM special for shopping in Alverde . Now we have a lot of good cosmetics on the market and you can choose something even for a few pennies: natural color Alterra, Benecos , the mentioned Felicea as well as pearls in popular drugstore series, e.g. AA, Soraya, so unfortunately the competition is big, and difficult times are not conducive to shopping.

Similar: Wibo, Unicorn Tears- serum and makeup base with natural INCI

Cosmetics seem to me to be very basic and universal, everyday, fast and rather for people who are not very familiar with makeup, and certainly will not do anything complicated with the eye. However, for those who need natural ingredients, this series is very tempting.

Moonish Natural
Moonish Natural swatches

Something like that was missing in our cosmetics market. Sometimes it was sad when store shelves bend to new lines of make-up, advertising and reviews attack from all sides, and we can not buy anything new, because despite the beautiful design, they have simply tragic compositions that guarantee allergies or acne outbreaks. . It’s no secret that we want to have both good-quality base products, and interesting and more original cosmetics to play with and test a new look. Somehow, the brand fulfills both of these wishes.

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of cosmetics used on internet portals, so they are probably PR packages sold after one use or only for reviews, so maybe one day I will try bronzers or blushes, they have really great colors.

Moonish Natural
Moonish Natural – natural make-up cosmetics / press materials

Of course, more than the low price, I do not want to be wasted. Many companies have a policy of only sending where the most viewership is and then they get a lot of bad reviews. I find it a bit unpleasant and awkward to watch, for example, reviews on YT, where people used to drugstore, silicone cosmetics try to deal with those with natural ingredients. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to be experienced in handling such formulas and be patient, remembering that you have to forgive certain things with such cosmetics. Then they will surely repay the skin with a beautiful appearance, not only while wearing it, but also after removing make-up.

Have you already tested Moonish Natural cosmetics?

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