Radical, Venita, Black cumin oil | Hair news

Hey guys! I have prepared another hair post for you, i.e. news from hair care cosmetics: Radical peeling, henna, hair oil. These are my private purchases from Allegro this time, which I made mainly because of the supply of cheap henna for winter dyeing treatments. I did not know the Radical peeling before, I think it is […]

RADICO, Color Me Organic, Henna Champagne Blonde

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review after dyeing Radico Khadi henna in the shade of Champagne Blond. I bought this product some time ago in a small eco-shop in Prague: it was a shop and a beauty salon that also specialized in natural hairdressing, henna dyeing and curly hair cutting. Henna was on […]

Khadi, Henna hair dye Sunny Blonde | tests

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review after dyeing Khadi henna in the shade Sunny Blonde. With spring, we feel like positive changes, and you know that as women we like to start with hair. Therefore, I decided to test the new color on my head and instead of dyeing my hair with Cassia […]

Venita, herbal hair dyes | henna 100% natural

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Venita paints. These are herbal hair dyes with ingredients entirely derived from natural, vegan and organic cosmetics at very good prices. I have been recommending these paints on Instagram for a long time, because they interested me from the moment they appeared in drugstores. First of all, […]

Indus Valley, Bio Organic, light brown hair henna

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Indus Valley henna in a shade of light brown. I finally dared to switch to indigo in my hair dyes, although I’m still a bit worried about it. So during my last shopping at the Lawenda Zielarnia Palace, I added the lightest shade I have ever […]

DIY hair mask: with henna, oil and aloe

Hello! I come to you today with another post about cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY homemade PEH hair mask: with henna, sea buckthorn and aloe. Such a mask is very cheap and easy to make, you just need to mix all the ingredients and you can apply it to wet hair. A homemade mask […]

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