Kerastase Curl Manifesto, news in hair styling

Today I come to you with new hair styling novelties, this time it is Kerastase with the Curl Manifesto series for curly hair. These are very famous and exclusive hair cosmetics that you can find in branded beauty salons and company stores. Kerastase cosmetics consist of many great lines: they are intended for dry, damaged hair, […]

DIY self-tanner for face and body – natural and homemade

Hey, folks! I come to you with another post about DIY cosmetics, this time it will be a self-tanner for the face and body . It is a natural and homemade cosmetic that we can prepare at any time from semi-finished products. So it’s quick to make and incredibly cheap, and organic too! Much better for our sensitive skin […]

Lirene, three light skin foundations | makeup

Hey guys! Today I come to you with the latest news in my make-up – face foundations from Lirene. They are not completely natural cosmetics, like mineral powder makeup, but they certainly have much better ingredients than typical, heavy and silicone products from drugstores. There are currently several open underlays on my dressing table that I would […]

Lirene, new products in body and face care

Hey guys! I come to you today with Lirene cosmetics, which are new products in the care of my face and body. Are they not beautifully green in spring and so pleasant to use? It is a very well-known company that has long ago conquered the Polish cosmetics market. You probably associate its products with store shelves, they […]

Planeta Organica, hammam balm conditioner for long hair

Hi guys! Balsam fortifying hammam is a real Turkish hair spa. The Planeta Organica conditioner has an amazing smell. Sweet, spicy and sandalwood, exotic, deep, completely non-irritating or artificial, just beautiful. To such an extent that at the beginning I used it only on special occasions, in large amounts, so that my hair smells beautiful with it. Such […]

Sendo: serum, mask and shampoo, new hair products

Hey guys! I come to you today with new hair care products, this time it is Sendo: regenerating mask, liquid crystal serum and strengthening shampoo. These are exclusive hair cosmetics that you can find in beauty salons and company stores. Sendo cosmetics consist of many lines: they are intended for dry, damaged hair, but also for delicate […]

Bath salt, simple DIY homemade recipe

Hey guys! Today I have another DIY recipe for you: homemade bath salt, a simple bath cosmetic with many additives. Thus, I come back to the long promised series of posts about natural care, DIY and no waste.  Homemade salt for a relaxing bath sounds very nice. It is a method for home cosmetics that I have known […]

SESSIO, foam shampoo with sage and pomegranate

Hey guys! I come to you today with another novelty in hair care, this time it is Sessio, a mousse shampoo with sage and pomegranate. I like foam shampoos, even though their compositions do not suit me completely. Many canned products are irritating alcohol, and shampoos, despite the lack of SLS and SLES, still contain strong detergents. I […]

Vis Plantis | News in natural cosmetics

Hey guys! I come to you today with natural Vis Plantis cosmetics, which are other new products in the care of my face and body. It is an interesting, natural company that took the cosmetics market by storm a long time ago.  Vis Plantis products from Elfa Pharm are certainly known to you from store shelves, they […]

Duft & Doft, a set of Korean hand creams

Hey guys! It’s been a good few days since I picked up the package that contained this charming set of hand creams from the Korean brand  Duft & Doft. So I had some time to test and it’s high time to write something about them.  Unfortunately, I did not get to the ingredients of these cosmetics, the manufacturer […]

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