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Home treatment for damage, dry hair – easy DIY

Hello my love! Today I have another entry for you from the series of hair tutorials, this time it will be a home treatment for beautiful hair.

Perhaps your hair is damaged from styling, dyeing or toasting a little in this beautiful June sun. In each of these cases, my treatment should have a visible effect after the first application. The hair will definitely be soft, nourished and moisturized, it will style better. The treatment is suitable for all types of dry and damaged hair. It will help, in particular, hay, burned after bleaching, which suffer from lack of moisture. In addition, it supports faster hair growth. Still, I would recommend that you take these few steps regularly for the best long-term effects.

However, remember that it is a protein and humactant bomb, so you should not repeat the treatment more often than every few days, once a week or instead of protein washing. The whole treatment requires up to 2 hours, so a lot, but it’s really worth it. I always do such a home spa at the weekend, when I have more time, and clean or work between dots. After it, I have amazing effects in growing and nourishing my hair. Are you curious what my care home treatment looks like? I invite you to read more.

Home treatment DIY fof damaged hair-how to do

Home treatment for beautiful hair

What we will need:

  • strong cleansing shampoo
  • mild shampoo
  • rice water
  • aloe vera gel
  • a shower cap, a cotton towel, a spray or a syringe
  • paper towels
  • scalp oil and for hair length
  • shea butter or cream with its contents
  • emulsifying conditioner
  • scalp mask
  • moisturizing mask
  • emollient mask / conditioner with silicones
  • “after washing” grinder and tip serum

Treatment time: 1.5-2 hours

Repeat: once or every few days for long-term effects

Guaranteed effects after my home treatment:

  • hair hydration
  • deep nutrition
  • temporary filling of defects in the hair structure
  • increase in hair elasticity
  • smoothing and shine
  • immediate improvement of visual appearance on very damaged hair
  • bulb nutrition and stimulation
  • acceleration of hair growth
Home treatment DIY fof damaged hair-how to do

Home treatment DIY fof damaged hair-how to do

Step one: clean up

First, wash your head with a strong shampoo to clean it of any product residue. If you use silicones and stylers, I would also wash your hair lengthwise. Now press them gently from the water into paper towels or a suitable towel. They need to dry a little.

Step two: rice water

We need rice water fermented for at least two days, preferably from brown, organic rice.

We can use a syringe or spray bottle. we cover the scalp thoroughly with fermented rice water and do a short massage. I use more than usual, not 5 cm or even 20, so that my hair is saturated with water. then we cover the entire length of the hair. We do hair – we wrap the hair in a cap and a towel, we sit for 10-20 minutes.

What does it do?

Rice water is rich in vitamins and minerals, nourishes bulbs and accelerates hair growth. It is a protein bomb along the length, replenishes defects, shines and gives hair elasticity in the long run.

PEH treatment

Step three: moisturizing

When the hair is soaked with rice water, add a little * more and then cover the skin and length thoroughly with aloe vera gel. Not too much, just a nut-sized portion. Instead, you can use aloe juice, a light moisturizing nutrient or a solution of honey, sugar etc., anything very moisturizing. I really like the gel for its effects and ease of washing: it’s definitely worth stocking up with.

Option: curly-haired or people sensitive to proteins can stop here with rice water, instead use wipes, tonic, aloe juice or other foundation as usual.

What does it do?

It deeply moisturizes the hair, enhances the effects of all sponges and rice water, soothes the scalp, helps in hair growth. It helps in washing oils.

PEH treatment

Step four: oiling

We can wait a few minutes for the hydration to soak in – I make facial masks at this time. Then we immediately oil the hair on such a foundation.

Option: For maximum effect in hair growth, I use scalp oil that has a stimulating effect on the roots. I use more nutritious oils and butters in length. Of course, you can always use one oil, even the cheapest, homemade – olive oil, coconut. We do a short massage with your fingertips.

What does it do?

It maintains and closes moisture in the hair, deeply nourishes, stimulates hair follicles.

Step five: creaming

The next step is hair creaming – you can of course skip it if you don’t want to put so many products on your hair. However, I have found that this extra step really raises the nutrition of the hair – the effects are immediately noticeable. How it’s working? Simple! After oiling, we additionally cream your hair with a small amount of shea butter, hand cream with butter or body lotion on shea or cocoa butter – e.g. the popular Isana cocoa. Then we put on the turban again and sit for 20-30 minutes.

PEH treatment

What does it do?

In addition, it helps nourish the hair and also helps (creams) to wash the oils.

Step six: emulsification

It’s time to wash the oils off your head. First, we wash it with water alone, lukewarm, for a few minutes, massaging the hair gently – some of the oils will immediately wash off. Then apply a light emulsifying conditioner to your hair. Then we wrap the lightweight turban again – on the head for 10 minutes.

Option: I cover my head with conditioner accelerating hair growth, and the length with ordinary, emulsifying cheap.

What does it do?

It will wash oils very well, but also nourish our hair.

Step seven: purification

We wash all emulsification with water. We wash the head with a small amount of very mild shampoo, we repeat it if you feel that the hair is not completely clean. Then we drain the hair of water, we can use tissues again.

PEH treatment

Option: if you wash your hair with a nutrient or if you have used a little oil, this step can be skipped, the hair will be fairly clean just after emulsifying, and thanks to this it will absorb even more oil residue.

What does it do?

Hair is cleaned, but thanks to the omission of strong detergents, we did not wash away all the effects of our treatment.

Step eight: the mask

Time for final nutrition. We cover the length of the hair with a large portion of a nutritious, dense emollient mask (ultimately PEH, but not very protein!) We do the hair again, we sit in a turban 10-20 minutes.

What does it do?

It will boost the effect of the entire treatment, eventually nourish the hair, help regain PEH balance after rice protein.

Step Nine: Lotion

We wash the mask with lukewarm water. Now again an additional option: I often make a rinse of rice water, dissolved 1: 1 in lukewarm water. I immerse my hair ends in it, then rinse my hair again. This is of course an option for people who do not mind such a quantity of protein.

What instead? You can also use acidifying, moisturizing lotion or even water after boiled rice – this lotion no longer nourishes the hair strongly, but it smoothes and shines beautifully.

What does it do?

In addition, it softens, smoothes hair and enhances the effect of proteinisation.

PEH treatment

Step Ten: Hair protection

After washing the rinse, apply emollient conditioner with silicones to the ends of the hair (from 3/4 length), hold on the hair for a few minutes and rinse with cooler water. We’re drying our hair again. When they are almost dry, we use our usual grate after washing (Banfi Lady for me).

Option: I additionally protect the hair tips with a drop of silicone-butter serum. I have a problem with chipping ends, and that amount of silicones doesn’t bother my very long, straight hair.

What does it do?

Smoothes and disciplines the ends, prevents them from breaking and chipping, protects them for subsequent washing, stops the effects in the hair. The grating used immediately after washing adds volume and strongly stimulates the bulbs.

Home treatment DIY fof damaged hair-how to do

Summary about home treatment

This is the end, we have finished the whole treatment in 10 dots and you can see the first visual effects of this long hair. The hair is certainly soft, weighted and beautifully shimmering in the sun. Hair definitely benefited. The more damaged they are, the stronger the visual effect will be. But remember that this is a short-term activity, it is best to repeat such a treatment regularly. Sometimes, of course, they will not be thoroughly washed or such an amount of everything will be a shock treatment for them – they may look clapped, but nothing – thanks to that they will soak up even more oils, eat, and after the next washing the effect will be even stronger. That is why I do not advise you to wash them if they are too burdened. If you wash your head every day, I would also advise you to wait. It’s worth trying to get the best treatment for beautiful hair.

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Options for curly hair

You probably know that you have to skip all silicones and use less rice water, and as the last step in the care you can safely use the conditioner without rinsing, styler and style your hair as always.

Let me know if you liked my treatment, how much time it took and what effects you have. I hope I helped you a little bit!

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