FM HAIRLAB, AQUA2, new in my hair care

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you new products in the care of my hair – cosmetics from the FM Hairlab series. These are little known in the world of hair maniacs, but very interesting products with good ingredients and beautiful packaging, so I am glad to test them live. The AQUA2 series is designed […]

L’oreal Stylista, hair styling cosmetics

Hi! Today it’s time to review new hair styling products from another package of L’Oreal Stylista cosmetics. What do I think about them? They certainly don’t have super natural ingredients, but I like to do some original hairstyles from time to time and I haven’t found the perfect products for my curls yet. I usually use a […]

Cosnature cosmetics | news in my care

Hey guys! Today I want to introduce you to Cosnature – another brand of natural cosmetics, known for a long time from drugstores, which, like Alterra and Alverde, comes from Germany and has very good ingredients. So everyone who likes these popular products from Rossmann or Drugstore DM will surely be satisfied with the effects of […]

Equilibra, news in my natural hair care

Hey guys! I have prepared another post for you about new cosmetics for hair – Equilibra cosmetics . This Italian company has been known and adored by hair maniacs for years, because many of their cosmetics are really brilliant. In addition, they have natural ingredients, full of aloe, oils and vegetable proteins. So, in my today’s set, I could not miss […]

Maudi, new cosmetics in my natural care

MAUDI Macadamia oil reduces cellulite, scars and stretch marks MAUDI Macadamia oil reduces cellulite, scars and stretch marks, has exceptional regenerating properties. MAUDI Macadamia oil recommended for dry, damaged and cellulite-prone skin. Noticeably reduces the visibility of scars and stretch marks. Natural refined oil. Use Apply a small amount of oil to the skin of […]

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