Bath salt, simple DIY homemade recipe

Hey guys! Today I have another DIY recipe for you: homemade bath salt, a simple bath cosmetic with many additives. Thus, I come back to the long promised series of posts about natural care, DIY and no waste.  Homemade salt for a relaxing bath sounds very nice. It is a method for home cosmetics that I have known […]

DIY coffee body peeling – for cellulite and smooth skin

Hi! I come to you today with another post about DIY home cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY coffee body scrub. It has been my favorite cosmetic for a long time. Perfectly helps with cellulite and smoothes the skin like no other ready-made cosmetic from store shelves. Recently, I have been buying ready-made sugar or […]

Vis Plantis | new natural cosmetics for body care

Hey guys! I come to you today with the second post about Vis Plantis cosmetics, i.e. new products in my body care. It is an interesting, natural company that took the cosmetics market by storm a long time ago.  Vis Plantis products from Elfa Pharm are certainly known to you from store shelves, they are easily available […]

Empties | natural cosmetics for body care

Hello! Today it’s time for the next empties, the cosmetic used up of the last weeks. This time, my bottom will be for face, body and hand care products. I hope you will find such posts interesting. I plan to write about different types of consumption much more often, we will see how I can achieve it. Are you curious […]

Natural body cosmetics for fall and winter | Top 5

Hey dear! Today I have another post for you about body care – top 5 best natural body cosmetics for fall and winter Winter is not the best time for our skin: constant frost, unscrewed radiators and wearing thick layers of clothes can result in excessive drying of the body, itching or an unpleasant feeling of tightness. Our […]

Green Pharmacy, Pelling with shea butter and green coffee

I very rarely buy ready-made, shop peelings like Green Pharmacy. It is obvious how easy it is to make such a product yourself at home. In fact, all you need to do is mix something abrasive with something oily, such as coconut butter or even kitchen rapeseed oil with sugar, to create a perfectly working peeling. Sometimes, […]

Cold Cream moisturizing milk | Le Petit Marseillais

Hey guys! I come to you today with a review of another cosmetic – it will be a body lotion Cold Cream from Le Petit Marseillais.  During the heating season, my skin is still dry, and the constant cold and dry air from the radiators make them worse. Ordinary, glycerin lotions did not keep the skin moist […]

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