Thrift shop haul (2) | basic and beige clothes for spring

Hey guys! Today I have another episode for you from the new cycle about ecological and responsible fashion, shopping with a thrift store. Just like the previous post in this series, it will be about the pre-spring edition, fashionable basic beige for the transition period and spring. It is known that every woman needs such basic clothes […]

Start a garden in the city- choose the perfect plot

Hey guys! I come to you today with a completely new section on the blog – from now on, I will also write about the garden and eco-plot. I have been looking for the perfect garden place for a long time, unfortunately in the city where I live, the demand exceeds the supply and not only is […]

Second-hand haul (1) | beige clothes and dresses

Hey guys! Today I have a new cycle for you from the ecological and responsible fashion series, i.e. shopping with a second hand shop. The first post in this series will be about the pre-spring edition, i.e. the fashion for the transition period. The weather is about to change to a warm spring, but February still has […]

Empties 2020 | natural face care cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another empties for you, i.e. natural face cosmetic from almost the entire last year. I wrote the last entry about hair wear, and this time my bottom will be about face care products. I hope you found this type of post interesting. I plan to write about different consumables along with short reviews […]

Hair wash with water only? | no poo method

Hey guys! Today I have another entry for you from the cycle oh well, can you wash your hair with only water? When I was reading about various methods of natural hair washing that do not require the use of strong detergents or silicones that harm the hair, I also came across a “no poo” method […]

Solvgreen | ECO universal cleaning fluid

Hey guys! I come to you today with a post about the universal Solvgreen cleaning fluid, which is completely ecological, biodegradable and very cheap. Are you planning a big summer clean? Then this post is just for you! The fluid is efficient and perfectly cleans even the dirtiest surfaces. It is most suitable for cleaning windows. It also works against limescale […]

Project pan 20 in 2020 | hair empties update

Hello! Today it’s time for the new Project pan update, the cosmetic i used up of the last weeks. This time, my update will be about hair care products, or rather it’s an update to the post where I started the pan project 20 in 2020. Over the next few months, I will only use these things, […]

What to do with food scraps | no waste

Hey! Today I have an unusual entry for you, but I would like to touch on a very important problem: what to do with the food scraps, leftover food that remains after Christmas, communion, name day and all family gatherings? As every year, we promise ourselves that this time we will cook less and better […]

Homemade banana fertilizer | DIY the easiest recipe

Hey guys! Today I have something completely new for you: a recipe for homemade banana fertilizer, the first recipe in a new series of eco-gardening tips. It is definitely the cheapest, the fastest and the easiest in the world to make specific for indoor plants and others, which will certainly work for everyone. To make it, you […]

How to used up a hair conditioner? 3 ways

Hi guys! what do we want to use a bad hair conditioner? Well, each of us has a few hair products in our bathroom that have been lying around for a long time. We simply forget about some of them, some do not serve us or we have too much cosmetics. Meanwhile, the expiry date is approaching […]

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