Cyanobacteria in the sea – are they dangerous?

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you in the health cycle – what are cyanobacteria in the sea and are they really dangerous to us?  If you are going on vacation and / or want to swim in the sea but you are concerned about health problems, this post is for you. I will […]

How to save electricity? 10 easy ways

We are always afraid of sudden increases in electricity prices in Poland, and yet all you need to do is change your habits to learn to save electricity on a daily basis.  Thanks to these few simple and quick ways we can learn to save electricity at home, so we will not only save money, […]

Insect bites? Natural remedies for pain and itching

Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about natural methods, this time we will talk about what to use for insect bites and how to protect yourself from them. We are in the middle of summer and a small trip to the plot, forest or meadow is enough to be painfully bitten by insect-bitterns, […]

Washing hair with Micellar Cleansing Water – no poo

Hello! Today I have another post for you about the basics of hair care, like washing hair with micellar Cleansing Water no poo. This is part of the series I abandoned long ago about how to wash your hair properly and how to wash no poo. However, I decided to come back to this, especially since I […]

How to plant avocado from seed? A simple guide

Hello, beloved! I come to you today with an entry about how to plant an avocado. Planting it from a seed is very simple and usually easy to take. It is true that such a plant needs fruit for several years, even 6-8, but in the meantime it will be a very decorative home plant. […]

Vinegar and citrus cleaning spray, eco, DIY, no waste

Hi! I come to you today with a recipe for a cheap and universal household cleaning spray. Are you planning great spring cleaning in the spring? Then this post is just for you! 🙂 The liquid is easy to prepare from products that you already have at home. It is efficient and perfectly cleans even the most dirty […]

Coronavirus: how to be safe from a virus outbreak?

Today, an unusual post about health: I decided to write a few words about the Coronavirus epidemic. I was walking past a drugstore yesterday and decided to buy myself an antibacterial gel for hands because the one I had was still spilling in my purse. Only then did I realize how the media fueled fear and […]

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