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How to lighten your hair naturally, with Herbs?

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about how to lighten your hair naturally – herbs and naturally obtained acids, which have long been used in folk medicine, will help us in this.

Many of us turn to natural methods of dyeing hair, because we realize that traditional, store chemicals simply do not serve us. The worst chemical agent when it comes to interfering with our health and good condition of hair is a bleach – if used too often and unskilfully, it can damage it, dry it and even burn it. That is why it is worth getting interested in alternative methods, especially if we do not care about a light blonde hairstyle all over the head, but rather want highlights, golden shine or a delicate hair lightening. These are not methods that will work like harsh chemicals – natural brightening methods are not immediate, but with time and persistence our dream results will come. It is definitely worth doing treatments with herbs, because it will not damage our hair, on the contrary, along with a beautiful color, its health and shine will improve.

How to lighten your hair naturally?  Herbs for lightening

How to lighten your hair naturally?

1. Herbs for lightening the hair.

Herbal rinses do not bring spectacular results, nor are they immediate, but with time and persistence in using them, our dream results will certainly come. It is definitely worth doing treatments with herbs, because it will not damage our hair, on the contrary, along with a beautiful color, its health and shine will improve. Their only disadvantage may be that the hair is slightly dry, so remember about proper, daily care, oiling and moisturizing.

What herbs will help lighten our hair?

  • Linden blossom
  • Camomile
  • Bleeding
  • Calendula
  • Mallow
  • Jasmine
  • Cornflower
  • Black lilac
  • Wormwood

Hair rinses , which we will use regularly, after each hair wash or as a type of hair care spray, can give very good results in lightening the hair. In particular, blondes will show good results, although all hair colors should have a visual effect in the form of a bright glow and healthy hair shine.

How do herbs work to lighten hair?

Their natural dyes settle on the cuticles and give them a glow, making the hair appear lighter, especially in bright sunlight. that’s why it’s so important to use them regularly. Linden, chamomile, calendula, mallow and jasmine hair

rinses will work on fair hair, and if you want to naturally achieve cool tones, I recommend trying a decoction of cornflower, elderberry or wormwood .

How to lighten your hair naturally?  Herbs for lightening

2. Bleeding to lighten the hair

How to lighten your hair naturally? The revival will help us in this.
It is not very popular herb in our country, growing wild in meadows and fields. Food preparations are mainly used in medicine – in small doses to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and in higher doses they have a laxative effect. Of course, hair maniacs have long discovered the great effect of refreshing our hair – it delicately lightens the hair by a few tones, but does not damage it. This herb contains  malic acid, responsible for lightening and chrysophanol, which, like in Cassi, gives the hair golden reflex. It is definitely worth getting interested in this plant and including it in your hair care. It is definitely one of the cheapest and healthiest methods to lighten our hair, known for a long time in the world of hair bloggers.

I wrote about enlightenment and how to prepare it in my previous blog post:

See entry: Red hair on hair | How to lighten your hair naturally?

3. Cassia and Senes for lightening hair.

Cassia is a great method of lightening the hair, especially after unsuccessful hair dyeing, when the color is a bit too dark. Despite the fact that Cassia itself does not brighten anything, after just one application of this mask, we can notice a bright, warm tone or even a honey glow on each hair color. This is due to the dye contained in Cassi, the ingredient responsible for this visual brightening is  chrysophanol. Senna dyes her hair a more yellow color, which does not always look nice on blonde hair, especially light hair – some girls after a few applications have reached a shade of almost canary! However, the addition of a small amount of henna reduces this effect, you can also use Senes mixed with Cassia and other blends, e.g. brown, to lighten the target color of the paint a bit. The glow on the dark hair in this case is nice and more visible than in the case of Cassi, and such dyeing is also much cheaper.

Additionally, after each such treatment, our hair will become stronger, because these herbs deeply nourish and regenerate the hair and strengthen its bulbs.

Other natural hair lightening methods

What else can we try to lighten our hair with? Natural methods such as the use of cinnamon, honey, lemon juice, vinegar or anwte malic acid can help us in this.

I will write about these methods in a separate post, and a link to it will appear here soon.


Natural methods do not work as spectacularly as chemical paints, but the systematic use of this mixture of herbs, supported by daily, conservative hair care, will certainly allow us to achieve the desired, brighter color without damaging the hair.

And who said we need chemical, toxic preparations that damage our hair?

Do you know such a herbal method for lightening hair? Asia

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  1. I love the sound of this herbal method for lightening hair. I colored my hair with an herbal color,now I’d like to highlight. I don’t know how to find these herbs or the exact recipe for my particular hair situation. Can I get some advice,a recipe?

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