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Venita, herbal hair dyes | henna 100% natural

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Venita paints. These are herbal hair dyes with ingredients entirely derived from natural, vegan and organic cosmetics at very good prices.

I have been recommending these paints on Instagram for a long time, because they interested me from the moment they appeared in drugstores. First of all, I was tempted by the price for this capacity, which in the case of henna was very good and replaced me with another company that I usually bought, but unfortunately it has already disappeared from the market … , they are also easy to buy – they are available at Natura and Hebe drugstores. However, I decided to do a preliminary and collective review of these paints before going on to discuss each of them and my dyes. As you know, I recently finally ventured into using indigo in my hair dye, although I’m still a bit worried about it. However, I tried these three shades of brown and I have to admit that they work great. Additionally, I was going to mix them with Cassia, just in case. Hair can always be darkened, but indigo is harder to lighten. If you are interested in what I think about the new herbal Venita paints, I invite you to review and my effects.

Venita, herbal hair dyes 100% Natural

Natural herbs, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine and the philosophy of healthy living, have power that comes from deep in nature.

The natural power of pure herbs Venita 100% Natural:

  • long-lasting effect with a natural invisible regrowth line
  • optimal gray hair coverage
  • they thicken the hair and increase its volume
  • the possibility of combining ingredients to obtain an individual color
  • they do not contain synthetic dyes
  • suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • recommended for Vegan

Pure Cassia (Neutral (Senna / Cassia) is outstanding for delicate and weakened hair after hairdressing treatments. Regenerates, thickens and increases volume. whole hair.

Pure Henna – strengthens and restores the hair structure, perfect for shades of red to red on fair hair. On dark hair, it gives shades of red brown or mahogany.

Pure Indigo – perfect for dark hair, the color of which deepens by adding bluish tones. On blond, gray or solidly bleached hair, Indigo can give a greenish tinge, so it is recommended to pre-color the hair with pure henna (6.46). The next day you can use pure indigo (1.11) or a mixture (3.0,4.0).


when used on gray, extremely light or damaged hair, the resulting shade may differ from the catalog. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a trial dyeing on a strand of hair. To do this, apply the appropriate amount of the preparation to the selected strand of hair, leave it for the time specified in the method of use, rinse the hair from the strand and evaluate the effect.

Do not use immediately before and after the permanent waving, dyeing and bleaching treatment, in which case you should wait about 2 weeks. The dyeing effect depends on the individual susceptibility of the hair and its original color. Protect the skin of the face and neck against staining, eg by applying cream. Protect your clothes from getting dirty.


  • Carefully mix the herbs and water until a smooth, creamy consistency – no lumps.
  • Wash your hair with regular shampoo (no silicones).
  • Before applying the herbs to the hair, check that the temperature of the mass is comfortable for the skin. Lower the temperature that is too high and increase it too cold.
  • After reaching the appropriate temperature for the skin, evenly apply the herbal mass to washed damp or dry hair, from roots to tips, section after section.
  • After applying the herbs, cover your head with a shower cap and wrap it with a towel to keep warm.
  • The intensity of the color obtained depends on maintaining an appropriately high temperature and the duration of action on the hair.


Neutral Senna / Cassia conditioner) – from 60 minutes to a maximum of 6 hours

6.46 Henna, 1.11 Indigo Black, 3.0 Black Chocolate, 4.0 Brown, 4.34 Nut Brown – from 30 minutes to 2 hours

After this time, rinse your hair meticulously with warm water (do not use shampoo and conditioner). Dry and style your hair the way you love it. Do not wash your hair for 48 hours as the natural color develops on the hair during this time. Not applicable for Neutral (Senna / Cassia). Remember that the final color may be slightly different than the one obtained immediately after dyeing. Not applicable for Neutral (Senna / Cassia).

The package contains:

2 × 50 g of natural herbs, shower cap, protective gloves, instructions for use.

Price: PLN 20-25

Capacity: 100 g

Availability: Hebe, Natura, online drugstores


VENITA 100% NATURAL Herbal Hair Color 6.46:


VENITA 100% NATURAL Herbal Hair Color 4.34 Nut Brown:


VENITA 100% NATURAL, herbal hair color 4.0 brown:


VENITA 100% NATURAL, herbal hair conditioner, Cassia:



Rubia Cordifolia Root Powder, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder, Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder

My opinion:

As I mentioned in the introduction, I was interested in the new shades of henna. The Venita bronzes interested me the most. Until now, I have dyed my hair with amla, cassia, senna and other herbal mixtures prepared by myself. It was a light, warm brown color. I also considered ready-made brown blends because I wanted a cooler shade that is hard to do with Amla alone. However, I was afraid of too dark the color because of the indigo I use for the first time. That’s why I have dyed my hair with these mixtures recently. I was hoping for a warm brown color.

Nut brown is the best solution for me here, because not only is it the lightest shade, it doesn’t darken the hair that much later and you don’t have to mix it with other herbs and shades, such as cassia or senna. So a ready mix to apply even for light browns, without fear of too dark color.

The colors of brown and chestnut brown, however, were mixed with the previously detached cassia to refresh the nice color of the hair, but not to build it up too much. Both are similar to each other, of course the brown was darker and the chestnut had nice warm tones with red in a certain light which I really liked. For darker hair, it will definitely work as a ready-to-use mixture.

However, under these browns I had to use pure henna, properly acidified of course, and they will get it, because the same colors could not catch on my gray hair at the temples and roots. Unfortunately, this is often the case with me with herbal blends. But two-step dyeing worked well. You might think it’s a bit longer and more cumbersome, but I’m sure everything will cover nicely and your hair won’t get damaged. On the contrary, after each such dyeing, our hair is thicker. In addition, the scalp will strengthen and the hair will be soft, shiny and soft, so it is worth investing a little more time in it.

I used Cassia in the above mixtures and, of course, as an independent, deeply nourishing therapy for hair between dyes. I will definitely buy it again and again, because it is fresh and of really good quality for the price.

As already mentioned, I used henna for two-step dyeing and for blends. I also make a scalp lotion out of it, which sensationally accelerates hair growth. Now that I have started using indigo consciously and fearlessly, I will also try dyeing with my own mixture, which is even cheaper and supposedly sticks better.

See recipe: Henna, amla and fenugreek rubs | henna tea


Is it worth buying these paints? Yes, price and quality speak in their favor. They are completely natural, vegan and healthy, and also very easily available, and additionally often on promotion for PLN 15, which is simply the cheapest on the market and it is worth having a larger supply then 😉 The herbs are well ground and fresh, really good quality how for the price. I had no problems with mixing any of the blends, and the browns did not smell too intense, because like blight, sometimes the smell of such herbs can cause migraines when dyed. Henna and Cassia had the color and smell of fresh herbs, they acidified quickly and gave off a strong dye.

In the Venita herb package we get two bags of herbs, 50 g each, a standard cap and gloves, and the preparation instructions, which should be left for future dye mixtures. This division into two portions is great, because this amount is enough for regrowth or short hair, nothing will be wasted and nothing will lie stale.

I highly recommend these herbal hair dyes: great quality for a good price and really worth trying out for yourself!

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Do you know such henna? What color will you choose? Ania

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