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Herbs for brown hair – no waste natural hair dyeing

Hello guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about how to dye your hair brown naturally – herbs, natural extracts and dyes that have long been used in folk medicine will help us in this. Many of us turn to natural methods of dyeing hair, because we realize that traditional, store chemicals simply do not serve us.

The oxidant used in drugstore paints, if used too often and unskillfully, can damage them, dry them out and even burn them. That is why it is worth getting interested in alternative methods, especially if we do not care about a uniform, artificial color all over the head, but rather we want to shine or deepen the color of the hair. These are not methods that will work like harsh chemistry – natural methods are not immediate, but with time and persistence our dream results will come. I found out for myself when I dyed my hair all through high school with black tea rinses . It was really effective and on my dark, mousy hair – it gave me a warm, medium brown, especially visible in the sun.

It is definitely worth doing treatments with herbs, because it will not damage our hair, on the contrary, along with a beautiful color, its health and shine will improve. So, if you were interested in how to dye your hair brown naturally, I invite you to read the rest of this post.

Herbs for brown hair - no waste natural dyeing
Herbs for brown hair – no waste natural dyeing

Herbs, or how to dye your hair brown naturally?

Coloring your hair in warm brown is quite easy, Polish herbs, which we have a wealth of and natural extracts and dyes, used in folk medicine for a long time, will help us in this. Especially they bring great results in the form of rinses and natural hair masks. In addition, they are easily available and cheap, and extremely effective.

What herbs will help darken brown hair?

  1. Henna- (powdered lawsonia leaves) and hendigo, a mixture of henna and basma (indigo leaves), are the most effective method of dyeing your hair brown. Both henna itself, which can build up quickly to a warm brown, and hendigo and ready-made mixtures of “brown henna” sold in stores alongside chemical paints are extremely effective in natural dyeing. They are durable and hide gray hair, they thicken our dogs and care for them perfectly. We use pastes or masks – traditional herbal hair dyes.
  2. Walnut – also natural paint made of leaves (fresh and dried), green slate and dry shells of this plant gave me excellent results in dyeing my hair warm, dark brown. Walnut powder is also used in many natural brown dye blends and added to henna. Walnut is used in the form of rinses, masks and home paints.

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  3. Black Tea – As I mentioned, I found out for myself the effectiveness of this ordinary kitchen product by dyeing my hair throughout high school with black tea rinses . It was really effective and on my dark, mousy hair – it gave me a warm, medium brown, especially visible in the sun. It deepens the warm, brown color of hair and helps prevent hair loss. The rinse can also be mixed with other herbs or with coffee.

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4. Coffee – this kitchen drink also effectively dyes the hair, but in my opinion it naturally darkens rather than browns. Brewed with fresh coffee, it can be used in hair rinses, it not only deepens the color, but also adds shine and prevents hair loss thanks to the caffeine content.

5. Oak bark, buckthorn bark, alder and chestnut bark – I only tested the oak bark in rinses, but these are also doxonal herbs known for their properties that deepen brown tones and darken them. In my opinion, the oak bark cools and darkens the color (also erudian), and the chestnut tree gives a warm brown, while the buckthorn gives a slightly bright orange glow.

50 g of bark should be boiled for 30 minutes, left covered overnight, then you can add a little glycerin and dilute with water – use as a rinse or add to a hair mask.

Herbs for brown hair - no waste natural dyeing
Herbs for brown hair – no waste natural dyeing

6. Rosemary – This spice is also very effective in coloring. Bring the dried rosemary to the boil and cook for 15 minutes. Additionally, it can be mixed with tea, such a rinse will help reduce greasy hair and get rid of the problem of dandruff. It works on lichen!

7. Linden – a flower rinse gives the hair a slightly chestnut shade and perfectly moisturizes it, while the brown color gives a decoction of linden twigs and leaves.

8. Sage – sage decoction works against dandruff, straightens hair, adds shine, promotes growth and grease, and covers even gray hair. It deepens the brown and black tones and cools it down.

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9. Amla and Kalpi Tone – Indian herbs in the form of paste or oil that strongly darken, cool the color and condition the hair. A great addition to henna and natural hair dye mix.

10 . Potato slate decoction – a well-known way to naturally dye gray hair and cool even the redest and warmest color. We use it in the form of a hair rinse, unfortunately you have to wait a long time for the results.

Herbs for brown hair - no waste natural dyeing
Herbs for brown hair – no waste natural dyeing


Natural methods do not work as spectacularly as chemical paints, but the systematic use of herbs, supported by daily, conservative hair care will certainly allow us to achieve the color we want without damaging the hair. And even with benefit and nourishment! And who said we need chemical, toxic preparations that damage our hair?

Do you know such a herbal method to dye your hair? Asia

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