Resibo, Naturally Smoothing face Serum | review

Hey guys! Today I come to you with another review of natural face care cosmetics: Resibo, Naturally Smoothing Serum. It is a valued and well-known brand on the organic and natural cosmetics market. No wonder, because it has wonderful, ecological packaging and excellent compositions of its cosmetics. Every owner of combination skin knows how difficult it is to […]

Vis Plantis mask for weakened hair: for co-washing hair

Hey guys! I come to you today with another short review of hair care products, this time it is the VIS PLANTIS mask for weakened hair with a tendency to falling out, fenugreek, black turnip and field horsetail from the Herbal Vital Care series. I tested this cosmetic some time ago, because I got it in […]

Cold Cream moisturizing milk | Le Petit Marseillais

Hey guys! I come to you today with a review of another cosmetic – it will be a body lotion Cold Cream from Le Petit Marseillais.  During the heating season, my skin is still dry, and the constant cold and dry air from the radiators make them worse. Ordinary, glycerin lotions did not keep the skin moist […]

Nacomi, Cuticle care oil “Papaya pie”

Hey! Today I have another post for you with mini reviews of natural and organic cosmetics: Nacomi, Cuticle care oil. I have to admit that I bought Nacomi oil on a promotion in Hebe, tempted by its smell and beautiful bottle. And the composition, of course – they are actually the same precious oils with the addition […]

Bishojo | Japanese facial care ritual

Hey guys! I come to you today with new products in the care of my face and body, this time it is the Bishojo series, inspired by Japanese beauty rituals.  Bishojo is a Polish cosmetics brand from Elfa Pharm, in which the formulas of the products and their appearance are inspired by the Far East. These are […]

Naomi Campbell, Cat Deluxe Silver

Hey guys! I come to you today with another cosmetic news, this time it is Naomi Campbell, Cat Deluxe Silver.  Unfortunately, these are not natural fragrances, but luxurious eau de toilette, but I really liked the first edition of Naomi’s perfume, so I’m glad that this one is also for me to test. It is definitely an […]

Fit recipes for holidays and Christmas

Hey guys! Today I have for you a set of recipes for delicious Christmas dishes, fit recipes for traditional treats. Many people cannot imagine Christmas without these tasty dishes, but we do not have to give them up on a diet. They can be easily prepared in a slimmed-down Fit version, then they will be much lighter, […]

Biodermic caviar series | news in face care

Hey guys! I come to you today with Biodermic creams, which are the latest novelties in the care of my face. Every owner of combination skin knows how difficult it is to choose the right cosmetics. My skin is prone to broken capillaries on my cheeks, and after winter and the heating season it is additionally dry. So in […]

Mushroom soup, Christmas Eve special dish

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious Christmas dishes: Christmas Eve mushroom soup, made of dried mushrooms. After all, our table cannot miss this traditional dish! Making this mushroom soup is simple and takes little time. For cooking, we can use dried mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and / or boletus mushrooms from the store, but […]

Beauty Control, Viteamed- hair, skin, nails

Hey guys! Today I have your reviews and my first results after a two-month treatment with the Viteamed Beauty Control dietary supplement . The innovative formula of Beauty Control nourishes the skin, hair and nails, as well as overall strengthening and immunity. The natural ingredients contained in the preparation are the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, selected to ensure  healthy […]

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