DIY coffee body peeling – for cellulite and smooth skin

Hi! I come to you today with another post about DIY home cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY coffee body scrub. It has been my favorite cosmetic for a long time. Perfectly helps with cellulite and smoothes the skin like no other ready-made cosmetic from store shelves. Recently, I have been buying ready-made sugar or […]

Manuka honey, a natural and healthy dietary supplement

Hey guys! Today I have another article for you in the health section: we will talk about what Manuka honey is and how we can include it in our diet for the benefit of health, beauty and better immunity. I confess that I always have to have a jar of this honey at home. It stands in […]

Keto cake “snickers” without baking (fit, LCHF, paleo, low carb)

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious keto desserts without baking: Keto cake “snickers” flavored with chocolate with nuts and peanut butter. Jets really insanely delicious! Holidays are slowly approaching and I am starting to try on recipes for Easter cakes. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to bake anything or try out laborious recipes, […]

Joanna Styling Effect, strong hair gel

Hey! Today I have another styling review for you on my blog, Joanna Styling Effect, strong hair gel. So one of the first stylers I started using since I started conscious hair care , mainly because it is so easily available and cheap. It is a long-known cosmetic for styling wavy and curly hair. The gel is strong, has a slightly natural composition, but […]

Easter vegan sour soup | easy recipe

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious easter dishes: vegan soup made from a bottle. After all, our table cannot miss this traditional dish! Making this soup is simple and takes little time. For cooking, we can use ready-made sour soup from a bottle, which we can buy around Christmas in every store. Many people […]

Stuffed eggs, healthly appetizer for Easter

Hey guys! Today I have another delicious and healthy recipe for you – stuffed eggs, a recipe for a healthy and colorful appetizer, not only for Easter. We can prepare it for any special occasion, such as holidays, parties and, of course, dinner with loved ones. The dish is very colorful, looks delicious and tastes the same, I assure you! I […]

Thrift shop haul (2) | basic and beige clothes for spring

Hey guys! Today I have another episode for you from the new cycle about ecological and responsible fashion, shopping with a thrift store. Just like the previous post in this series, it will be about the pre-spring edition, fashionable basic beige for the transition period and spring. It is known that every woman needs such basic clothes […]

Fit recipes for Easter, healthy and vegan dishes

H.hey guys! Today I have a set of recipes for delicious, festive dishes for Easter, fit recipes for traditional treats. Many people cannot imagine Christmas without these tasty dishes, but while on a diet, we do not have to give them up. They can be easily prepared in a slimmed-down Fit version, then they will be much […]

SESSIO, foam shampoo with sage and pomegranate

Hey guys! I come to you today with another novelty in hair care, this time it is Sessio, a mousse shampoo with sage and pomegranate. I like foam shampoos, even though their compositions do not suit me completely. Many canned products are irritating alcohol, and shampoos, despite the lack of SLS and SLES, still contain strong detergents. I […]

Start a garden in the city- choose the perfect plot

Hey guys! I come to you today with a completely new section on the blog – from now on, I will also write about the garden and eco-plot. I have been looking for the perfect garden place for a long time, unfortunately in the city where I live, the demand exceeds the supply and not only is […]

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