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Ketogenic bread from toaster- quick and easy (LCHF, veg)

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious and healthy sandwiches – this time it is ketogenic bread made from a toaster. However, it can be eaten with any other healthy diet – it is full of fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

When I started my adventure with the ketogenic diet, the most I missed was bread, a simple sandwich that you can eat for a quick breakfast or take with you to work. Recently, I came up with such a simple recipe that comes out every time and always works. The taste is more graham than plain white sandwich, but I assure you that the aftertaste of “carbohydrates”. Jets is a brilliant base for a toast with cheese – in the photos you have just such toasts with grilled cheese and ordinary sandwiches with toppings on the top. Not to mention the dreams of a typical cheese and mayonnaise sandwich or the taste of ordinary carbs and butter. Or you can eat keto sandwich sweet, with any keto paste, peanut butter or fruit, the taste is neutral. Additionally, the bread from the toaster is warm and crispy, just delicious. It contains less than 3 g of carbohydrates and a wealth of vitamins and fiber, especially important for beginners on a keto diet. If you are interested in my recipe for a simple and quick ketogenic bread, please read the rest of this post.

Ketogenic toaster bread
Ketogenic toast bread with a toaster

Ketogenic toaster keto bread -recipe how to make


  • linseed (preferably freshly ground) – a tablespoon
  • egg -one whole free range
  • a flat teaspoon of Psyllium husk
  • salt and pepper – a pinch
    to the “bread” flavor I add:
  • half a teaspoon of inactive yeast flakes
  • sesame seeds with poppy seeds or ground hemp seeds
  • Italian spices
Ketogenic toaster bread
ketogenic toaster bread – as a sandwich

How to:

Time required:  10 min ..

Ketogenic toaster bread – recipe

  1. We grind flaxseed. It does not necessarily have to be freshly ground, but it has the best flavor and nutritional properties.
  2. We stick the egg. Put 1 whole egg into a bowl / cup, add the seeds, cake and selected spices.
  3. Mixing ingredients.We mix everything well with a spoon, you absolutely do not need a blender for this. The mass should be quite dense.
  4. Turn on the toaster. Pour the mass on the heated toaster plate or place it with a spoon. The bread can be poured into two triangles or one larger sandwich.
  5. We bake bread. Close the toaster and wait until it is completely baked – a few minutes, you have to check it. It may smoke a little, but don’t worry, it will bake.
  6. We check the bread. You can turn the sandwich over to make it brown better. If we want the bread only – take it out and let it cool. Finished!
  7. If we want toast. Finally, you can make a toast – put two triangles of bread with cheese and bake it in our already heated toaster, you can now disconnect it from the power supply.

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Ketogenic toaster bread
Ketogenic toaster bread


I give the recipe for one sandwich (2 triangles)

A teaspoon of plantain husk is necessary so that the bread does not fall apart, it has that bread-like flavor and that it is well baked. The husk can be bought online, it lasts a very long time for such recipe.

The keto dish can be poured into a toaster mold into two triangles or one larger sandwich. Perhaps you can also make it in a dry frying pan, as a pancake, croutons or casserole.

One serving contains: B 4.75 T 4.87 W 2.61 KCAL 75

(and the wealth of vitamins and fiber, especially important for beginners on a keto diet).

Ketogenic toaster bread
Ketogenic toaster bread

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Will you be tempted by such a delicious breakfast? Enjoy your meal! 

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