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DIY hair mask: with henna, oil and aloe

Hello! I come to you today with another post about cosmetics, this time it will be a DIY homemade PEH hair mask: with henna, sea buckthorn and aloe.

Such a mask is very cheap and easy to make, you just need to mix all the ingredients and you can apply it to wet hair. A homemade mask will perfectly nourish, moisturize and strengthen our hair, add shine and softness. It will work well before going out and at home, when we want to add extra care treatment to our hair.

It is also a completely natural, organic treatment without unnecessary chemicals. For those who grow their hair and those who fight hair loss, as well as for everyone who likes home-made hair care mixtures. If you are interested in my DIY mask recipe, check out the post!

Homemade PEH hair mask
Homemade hair mask

Homemade PEH hair mask

PEH – what does it mean?

The mask is a brilliant alternative, especially for minimalists and those who denote hair products or for various reasons do not want to buy anything new. Especially since it is difficult to find a good quality PEH cosmetic in stores, unfortunately the most of the protein ones are.

Peh masks, i.e. those that contain ingredients from three groups necessary for the health and beauty of our hair:

  • P-proteins, or proteins
  • E-emollients, oils and fatty alcohols
  • H-humectants, or humidifiers)

What do we need for such a potion?

The basis for making peh masks is a thick conditioner or a hair mask that is completely emollient , without the addition of silicones or other substances that weigh down the hair. The best is cheap, with a simple composition and high capacity, e.g. Kallos Color, Kallos Avocado, Love Beauty & Planet, Vatika hair mask with black cumin.

  • Henna thickens, nourishes the hair and stimulates its growth.
  • Sea buckthorn oil – nourishes the hair, adds elasticity and shine.
  • Aloe – moisturizes dry hair, facilitates the penetration of other ingredients into the hair cuticles.
Homemade PEH mask
Homemade PEH hair mask

My mask is based on the remains of Hennara’s henna, which I used to make rubies:

Henna, amla and fenugreek lotion | henna tea

and the brown henna of Indus Valley:

Indus Valley, Bio Organic, light brown hair henna

and Love Beauty & Planet coconut conditioner, which has a very simple composition – perfect for such mixtures!

Homemade mask for beautiful hair

Homemade PEH hair mask: recipe how to make


  • A tablespoon of conditioner / hair mask (emollient and silicon free 
  • A teaspoon of good quality henna
  • A teaspoon of fresh aloe vera, aloe vera juice or gel (or e.g. linseed glutton, hyaluronic gel, honey)
  • A few drops of essential oil, for me sea buckthorn

    optional additives:
  • a few drops of rosemary essential oil (stimulates the growth of bulbs)
  • fenugreek for consistency
  • indigo if regular henna catches ginger shine on the hair
  • possibly Polish herbs are also good for growth (I often add Tulsi, which is great for hair)


Time required:  30 min ..

Using a homemade mask:

  1. We measure out the ingredients in a bowl.First, henna, pour a little warm water over it, mix it and crush it with the conditioner. We add the remaining ingredients.
  2. Put a homemade DIY mask on a damp head.We apply it to the entire length of the hair, preferably cleansing after washing the hair.
  3. Wrap your hair in foil or under a cap for a maximum of twenty minutes.After which we rinse. If you apply the mask to the entire length of your hair, remember that it contains proteins and it’s better not to overdo it with similar ingredients.
  4. We close the treatment with an emollient conditioner.The next wash should also be oil.
DIY homemade mask
Homemade PEH hair mask

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After such a DIY mask, I usually use silicone serum on the ends of my hair to protect them from damage and add weight. The mask is cheap and effective, so it is definitely worth a try, please!

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