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Biotebal, biotin for hair growth, effects after a month

Hey guys! Today I have you my first effects after a month of treatment with Biotebal tablets (biotin 5 mg).

Biotebal is ordinary biotin tablets, otherwise known as vitamin. H or wit. B7. It is this ingredient that best reduces hair loss. The daily use of biotin for two months helps with hair loss, while when it comes to androgenetic alopecia, a loading dose of three tablets a day of biotin, max 5 mg, is used. If you want to see how such a treatment worked for me, I invite you to post my thoughts.

Biotebal, biotin for hair growth - effects after a month

What is Biotin and Biotebal? 

I have been a vegetarian for over a dozen years and for a long time I have suffered from vitamin deficiencies, especially B vitamins, and I blame quick diets and poor supplementation for this. The result was hair thinning and poor skin and nails. Since I plan my meals more carefully and use vitamins, everything has improved, mainly thanks to the use of yeast. Now, in winter, my hair is starting to fall out again. 

I concluded that I might be lacking biotin because I eat almost nothing that contains a large dose of it. I bought Biotebal because it has the highest dose of biotin on the market, plus great reviews on the internet. 

I recently finished the first pack, I use 1 tablet a day and I have noticed that my hair loss is starting to subside. For this I use zinc for my hair and the Falvit vitamin complex, because it also contains vitamin D, a large dose of fat B vitamins that are great for my hair and B12, which I still need to take. 

Biotebal tablets
Biotebal tablets

Biotebal – my effects and effects on skin, hair and nails

Biotin for nails

It may be strange, but this is the first effect I noticed. I have soft, damaged nails that bend ugly on the sides and underneath when they reach a certain length. they often crumble and snap and break, so I just cut them short. Even a hardening conditioner won’t help much.

I have recently had long, apparently harder, white-tipped nails, and I believe this is due to these pills, as I am not using anything else that could help them. So biotin for nails does help.

Of course, when doing housework before Christmas, one of them had already “broken” 🙂 But since then he has apparently grown back. I am impressed, I hope it will be a long-term effect that will stay long after the treatment ends.

Summary: biotin for nails is also a great remedy. I have never had such long, hard and non-breaking plates as after Biotebal, and they definitely grow quickly. 

Biotin for hair

My hair grew about 3 cm this month, but this is the advantage of complex, conscious care according to the plan that I set up for the regrowth of damaged hair, so it’s hard to be objective here.

I assume that biotin for hair + silicon helped with the rapid growth here, because, according to what other girls from hair blogs write – hair grows faster all over the body 🙂 And you have to undergo depilation twice as often. Additionally, I noticed a rash of baby hair. And half the loss of hair loss when washing and detangling. 

Overall, I have the impression that there is more hair, it seems to be thicker, stronger to the touch and slightly bounced off the roots. So it seems that biotin is a great remedy for hair loss! 

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Biotin effects on the skin

I did not notice any special difference in the condition of the skin of the face or body … But I generally do not have any major problems with imperfections, so it could work better for someone younger. Maybe just no big, lumpy pimples on your chin that always appear before your period?



I know that the visible effects are to come after about two months and you still have to wait patiently for them, but as you can see, I am already satisfied with these results and I will definitely continue the treatment. 

The package contains thirty biotin tablets: 5 mg for the price of about PLN 25. The next packet is ahead of me and I think that after the second month the effects on my hair and nails will be even better. 

Do you use hair supplementation? Asia

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