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DIY coffee rinse for shine, growth and color

Hey guys! Today I have prepared for you another post about natural methods of hair care – coffee rinse for hair. This cheap and homemade cosmetic works not only for hair growth and loss, but also for smoothing, beautiful shine and of course relaxation – it has a wonderful smell of freshly roasted coffee. It lifts the hair from the root and makes it visually more.

This is another very popular method of hair care for hair maniacs. All rinses are a great end and complement to washing your hair, because through them we can additionally close the cuticles, nourish, increase volume and shine.

The rinse with the addition of coffee not only smells wonderful, but also moisturizes and adds shine to our hair! They will surely need such a treatment in hot summer. Remember that there is one of the best known methods to quickly nourish your hair. The coffee will darken the hair a bit and cool down the color of the hair, especially natural and hennable ones. A coffee rinse helps to fight an oily scalp, moisturizes the hair and contains a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals.

The effect of such a coffee rinse on my hair was amazing! The hair seemed stiffer and lifted, full of shine and life, and smelled beautiful. If you are interested in what DIY is and how to make a rinse for the beauty of our hair, please read the rest of this post.

DIY hair rinse for shine, growth and color
DIY coffee rinse for shine, growth and color

Recipe for a coffee hair rinse


  • a heaped teaspoon of ground coffee grounds
  • possibly a pinch of cinnamon
  • a glass of boiling water

Execution :

Time required:  5 min ..

Recipe for a coffee hair rinse

  1. Preparation of ingredients.We need a bowl, a cup, a kettle and of course – water and coffee. Water should be set aside in the bowl beforehand so that the chlorine escapes.
  2. Brew.Pour boiling water over a heaped teaspoon of ground coffee and let it brew for several minutes.
  3. We wash our hair.When everything has fallen to the bottom and the liquid is clear and slightly cooled, drain the coffee. Pour into a bowl and top up with tap water.
  4. Rinse the hair.Use the rinse right after washing your hair. Pour the cup over the head, then the length, then dip your hair in the bowl several times. We end up with rinsing with cold water. We arrange as usual.

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DIY hair rinse for shine, growth and color
DIY coffee rinse for shine, growth and color

Notes and Effects:

Coffee can make dark hair slightly darker and deeper in color. However, guaranteed effects in the form of rebound from the roots, volume, flowability, shine and smoothing of our hair after such a natural rinse. I highly recommend trying it!

Do you use a hair rinse? Ania

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