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Henna, amla and fenugreek lotion | henna tea

Hey! Today I have a recipe for you for an amazing DIY hair care product, i.e. henna, amla and fenugreek lotion.

I was inspired to try this recipe by videos on YouTube that I watched while ill. Foreign hair canals are full of recipes for this popular cosmetic – henna tea in various variants. But I made my cosmetic from three herbs, i.e. the recipe that received the most praise for its effectiveness in the fight against thickening and fast hair growth. As you know, henna is great for the scalp and hair growth by itself, applied as a paint. The addition of amla and fenugreek enhances this effect. I’ve been using this lotion for a long time and I have great results, so I had to share this simple diy with you! Feel free to try my recipe!

Henna lotion for hair loss

Lotion with henna, and fenugreek amli rapid hair growth


  • plain, “red” henna of good quality, eg Khadi, henna field or body paint
  • amla powder e.g. Hesh
  • ground fenugreek seeds
  • hot water


It is best to combine the three herbs with each other in equal proportions in a jar or pot. Pour a teaspoon (5 ml) of the mixed herbs together, preferably into a porcelain mug and pour hot, but not boiling water over it. It is enough 3/4 of a cup. We cover the cup and wait for the herbs to stretch. I usually make the recipe overnight and leave it until morning. About eight hours is enough.

Henna lotion

Wcierka is ready when we see that the herbs have completely sunk to the bottom and the water has turned red-brown.

Drain the herbs from the water. We do not throw away! We can use them, e.g. for subsequent dyeing, for a gloss hair mask or for a face mask.

Pour the water into a clean and scalded container, e.g. with a spike or spout. A lot of it comes out, so I always like to preserve this rub and I always keep it in the fridge.

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Henna and amla lotion

How to maintain a hair lotion?

We can add a few drops of an ecological preservative – a cosmetic intermediate, a small amount of alcohol, e.g. spirit, vodka, essential oils, or add a hair conditioner that already has preservatives and alcohol, so we do not want to use it for the length of the hair.

How does henna lotion work?

A lotion of henna, amla and fenugreek strengthens the hair bulbs, prevents them from falling out and significantly accelerates growth. It has antibacterial properties, helps in the fight against oily scalp and keeps the hair fresh for longer. In my case, it also slightly bounces the hair off the roots. Henna doesn’t color my skin or hair, at least there’s no trace of it on my light brown. Blondes can try with cassia if you are concerned about the red glow on the partitions.

How to use hair massages?

The henna lotion should be rubbed into the scalp once or twice a day, i.e. in the morning or in the evening. I take the lotion into the syringe, measure 5 ml in it and inject the scalp with this amount. Then I do a thorough massage with my fingertips.

The treatment can be used daily for 3-4 weeks, then take a week off and you can repeat the treatment from the beginning.

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Henna lotion

However, not necessarily from the same herbs, you can modify this recipe according to what you have at home and what best serves your hair. For me, this recipe gave the best results in terms of hair growth, and I have already tried many variants. However, if you don’t have anything at home, a henna infusion should be a good start. If you like, I will add more recipes for henna lotions among those that have proven effective for me. Let me know! And good luck rubbing in!

Have you used this treatment yet? What are your results?

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