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Indus Valley, Bio Organic, light brown hair henna

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Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Indus Valley henna in a shade of light brown.

I finally dared to switch to indigo in my hair dyes, although I’m still a bit worried about it. So during my last shopping at the Lawenda Zielarnia Palace, I added the lightest shade I have ever met to my basket. It is a popular company, because it is quite cheap, and the inscription bio is tempting. Additionally, I was going to mix it with Cassia, just in case. Hair can always be darkened, but it is harder to lighten with indigo … The lady in the store assured me that it matches my current color, unfortunately I had a surprise … If you are interested in how the color came out, I invite you to review the paint and my effects.

Indus Valley henna

Indus Valley, Henna-based hair dye Light Brown

Natural color deepening and shiny, nourished hair! An excellent care treatment for damaged hair.

  • herbal paint with henna in light brown color, 100% ecological
  • gentle on the scalp, does not dry it
  • additionally, it is safe even for sensitive skin
  • due to the fact that the composition consists mainly of herbs, these colors nourish and strengthen the hair
  • additionally helps in the regeneration of split ends, harmonizing the scalp
  • it contains herbs from organic, ecological crops in the Indus Valley
  • are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • they are biodegradable and safe for the environment
  • contains:
    – henna shrub, it is an excellent basic dye used for centuries as a cosmetic, especially in hair care
    – indigo, vat dye obtained from dried indigo leaves
    – legume, tannins present in its bark and leaves help to maintain the color on the hair
  • package contents: 100 g of henna-based paint, pair of gloves, cap, instructions in Polish

Usage method 

To be sure of the coloring effect, it is recommended to perform a test on a strand of hair – detailed instructions are available in the package insert in Polish.
Add the required amount of Indus Valley Henna to the warm water to obtain a thick paste consistency. Dampen your hair with water and apply the paste with a comb, strand by strand. Leave the paste on your hair for 30 to 45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Indus Valley henna

Price: 19.98 PLN

Capacity: 100 g


 Certified Organic Henna Leaves, Certified Organic Indigo Leaves, Certified Organic Cassia Leaves.

Indus Valley henna

My opinion:

As I mentioned in the introduction, I was interested in the new shades of henna. Until now, I have dyed my hair with amla, cassia, senna and other herbal mixtures prepared by myself. It was a light, warm brown color. I was also considering ready-made brown blends because I wanted a cooler shade that is hard to do with Amla alone. However, I was afraid of too dark the color because of the indigo I use for the first time. That’s why I dyed my hair with the mixture. I was hoping for a warm brown color. Unfortunately this did not happen…

My Indus Valley henna coloring

I dyed a mixture of: half a packet of Indus Valley henna, half cassi with senna. Casia also stood overnight, as I always do. This time I did not add linseed or anything moisturizing. In the morning I mixed the paste with henna and applied it immediately. Of course, on freshly washed hair, after a chelating mask and squeezed from the water. I wrapped everything around with foil and put on a cap. I waited the prescribed time recommended by the manufacturer, plus an additional 5 minutes waiting for the bathroom. I washed my hair with lukewarm water, drained it and waited for the results. The result scared me a bit …

The hair was black!

It is not known why this happened, after all, there was not enough indigo in my mixture, and I did not care much for washing my hair. I suspect there was a different color in the package, dark brown, indigo? When I was braided, I had a blue color left on my hands, and when I washed the paint, it was washed out blue.

Well, you had to do a test on a lock of hair, not test it so fast …

However, I wrote to the Lavenda store, lest the colors get confused, I asked for a batch of the product and contact to the manufacturer’s warehouse, or maybe they could withdraw this suspicious shade from the assortment for a moment, if that happened? But I only received a message like “you kept the paint for too long” (yes, 5 minutes makes a difference) or the facts about henna read on the Internet “From what we can see in your photos, your hair is dark (I don’t have one). The output color depends on our natural hair color. (Oh) Henna doesn’t dye a specific color like paint does. We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the result. (Well, not really) The only thing we can say is that indigo rinses off quite quickly (just rinse out of inygo depends on many aspects, e.g. hair porosity, previous paints etc) so they won’t be dark for a long time and you won’t have to cut them. “Oh, that’s great. Only eight years of growing … I gave up on further discussion.

A week after dyeing

However, it was not that bad. I consulted the internet and started rinsing off the paint intensively using various home remedies, while the henna was fresh. It took over a week, but the hair was no longer jet black.
They are now medium brown which I am slowly getting used to.

On the other hand, the hair cuticles are visibly thicker and softer. Their shine persists to this day and you can see a clear nourishment. There is no dryness despite the lack of a humidifier. I usually do paints on linseed glutton to prevent overdrying. Now, despite the fact that I made up the paint with water only, I did not notice the hayiness effect on my hair, it is soft and easier to comb. Not all the gray ones caught the color, but that’s the standard for me.

Indus Valley henna


Is it worth buying these paints? Yes, price and quality speak in their favor, but I recommend caution. Choose casia or a lighter than the target color, mix the dyes and most importantly – do a test on a strand of hair!

Will I give her a chance? I still have half the package so maybe I’ll do a second try. The price is encouraging for the future, but it stresses me a bit.

Indus Valley henna

Shopping in said store …? Disappointment about customer service, but the assortment is interesting (prices though…). You decide for yourself.

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Do you know such henna? Is it worth giving her another chance?

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