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The inversion method for hair growth – my treatment and effects

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Hey guys. Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be my treatment – the inversion method.

A long time ago, when hair maniac blogs were just beginning to conquer the Internet, it was one of the most popular treatments for rapid hair growth. I myself have recommended and used it several times in my life, so I think it is worth remembering about it again.

Why now, in the fall? Because you are less likely to go out at home, after all, you are not happy, and I have more time. In addition, oiled hair can be safely hidden under a hat. Of course, this is not one of those wonderful methods where we can expect hair growth of a few cm overnight, during the day or after a week. However, at the end of the month you will definitely notice its positive effects.

It takes a bit of patience and of course regularity. Performing it is not difficult, it does not take much time, and additionally I found it relaxing for me. If you are interested in my implementation of the inversion method, please read the rest of this post.

Inversion method

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What was my Inversion treatment like?

I will oil the scalp for seven days, every morning, head down, thoroughly massaging it with my fingers and a massager for about 4 minutes. The oil that I will be using is a miniature Khadi oil for hair growth. I will not wash my hair every day, but rather rinse my hair with warm water or wash it with the conditioner method.

He always oils the tips with this treatment, thanks to which they will receive a nutritional bomb. Along with the treatment, I will drink fresh yeast and take the usual vitamins, as well as practice yoga and sleep well. I will start the treatment with a thorough cleansing of the scalp.

Inversion method

Step by step inversion method

Time needed:  7 days.

Hair Growth Inversion Method:

  1. The first day of treatment – scalp peeling and emollient washing.At the very beginning, I decided to use a trichological peeling. It will cleanse the scalp well, remove the hair follicles and help them absorb as much active substances as possible. Before that, I used to oil my scalp with heated Khadi oil and the length of my hair with almond oil.
    I sat in the shower cap for about 5 hours, then I washed the oil with water, emulsified the oil with Ziaja conditioner and washed my hair with Coffee Organic shampoo. I applied the Planeta Organica Moroccan mask along the length, and on Babushka Agafia’s Yeast scalp. After washing, I applied the serum to the ends of the Ors and the Banfi nettle lotion on the scalp.
  2. On the second day of the treatment, I had little time and decided not to wash my hair.They were nourished beautifully after yesterday. I oiled my scalp with Khadi on a linseed water foundation, and rubbed a small amount of argan oil on the tips.
  3. On the third day, my hair didn’t look its best anymore.I applied all the seaweed water, the Khadi scalp and the length of my DIY oil. I washed my hair with water, but it didn’t help so much, so I emulsified Salisburys and applied Loreal with silicones to the ends.
  4. The fourth day is a moisturizing wash.Again, oil on water and prickly pear oil went along. Emulsifying with  Bania Agafii  Hair Balm  Raspberry Cloudberry , cedar conditioner of the same company for scalp, as a Cosnature long  mask ,  moisturizing conditioner  with  wild rose . Then Banfi scalp and Ors silicone serum on the ends.
  5. The next day is oiling .As above with Khadi and coconut oil, washing with warm water and a bit of Balea conditioner by mixing.
  6. It’s almost over – day six!Oiling as above with Alverde oil in length, emulsifying with Vatika mask with black cumin – after that my hair needed nothing anymore!
  7. The last day of treatment is good washing and oiling.I used scalp pelleting again, this time the sugar brand VianekKhadi oiling and palm oil, emollient wash as above plus a rub, b / s and serum for hair ends. End of treatment!

What next after the treatment?

For now, I’m giving my hair a few days of peace. The next wash will be a protein wash, but I think I will give up oiling this time and let my hair rest. However, I will come back to it soon and I will continue to use Khadi Oil, alternating with my other oils from the collection. In a month I repeat the whole process all over again! Meanwhile, a return to the old washing routine.

Conclusions after treatment

Khadi Oil

He smelled very nice, quite intense. Unfortunately, it put some weight on the scalp, it ran down the hair, it was quite light. Perhaps I was putting on too much of it. I have the impression that it irritated my skin a bit, but that could translate into hair growth. Plus, it has been used well and is super efficient. I thought I would use most of the 10 ml bottle for the whole week, while 1/3 of the bottle is left. It is definitely profitable to buy – with this composition and efficiency it is worth the price.

My effects

I didn’t measure my hair because I don’t believe in miraculous growth in a few days. I will measure them as always at the end of the month. Usually I have an additional 0.5-1 cm increase after this treatment compared to the months when I did not do the inversion, so it will definitely help me again. On the other hand, the hair is visibly more nourished, softer and shiny. The condition of the dry ends has improved a lot and I don’t see as much falling out as I did a week ago. As always – it was worth doing the inversion method! I highly recommend it to you.

Do you know this method of hair growth? Do you use scalp oiling?

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