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The best gifts for her: hair cosmetics

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Hey guys! It’s time for the second part of the gift guide, where I will show you my ideas for the best gifts for her: hair cosmetics.

If your girlfriend / wife / daughter / mom / grandmother, etc., walks around with a turban on her head, makes strange goo in the cups, whispering mysterious spells over them, and the bathroom shelves are piled with bottles with Russian inscriptions, masks, nutrients and herbs ? When asked “what are you doing”, the answer is that it emulsifies the oil? What you took for food turns out to be a hair mixture? And when you want to sprinkle your salad with olive oil, out of habit you go to the bathroom to get it? Then we are dealing with a hair maniac – remember that in the phase of hair growth, she is not interested in creams, cheese or other makeup, she only wants … masks, oils and conditioners to accelerate hair growth and nourish the hair! It can be a set of masks, shampoo and conditioner, treatment or even an elegant set … Supermarket food oils, which are also great for the care of beautiful, 
So what are the best gifts for a woman? If this is what you are looking for, I invite you to the rest of the post.

The best gifts for her: a set of luxurious hair cosmetics 

The best gift is a product that a girl would like to have but would never buy herself. Because it is too expensive, luxurious, maybe not entirely necessary or there is no time for fasting. That is why it is a great idea to give a woman who we know cares about her hair, loves a hair SPA and is willing to test new products of a set of good-quality and beautifully packaged hair cosmetics. For care, hair styling or even hair perfumes.

An example of luxury brands are professional hairdressing cosmetics, often available in salons or more expensive drugstores.

See the review: FM HAIRLAB, AQUA2, news in hair care

A good idea for a person who likes natural cosmetics is to choose proven and hit hair sets, for example by Anwen, Khadi, Biovax, Cosnature or Planeta Organica, Siberica, etc.

The best gifts for her: hair cosmetics

L’Biotica Biovax hair shampoo natural oils 200ml + conditioner + serum as a gift, PLN 40
The best gifts for her: hair cosmetics

Siberica Natural Hair Care Set, 130 PLN

A set of good-quality oils that will surely be useful – if not for hair oiling, you can use them in the kitchen, complementing the care from the inside.

Set of oils of the world 5x100ml OLEOFARM, 84 PLN

The best gifts for her: hair styling devices 

It is also a good idea to replace old, metal and too much heating equipment – dryers and curling irons with new ones, with adjustable, cold airflow, ceramic coatings. It is a myth that dryers damage hair – drying with modern devices with cool airflow and ionization can only help with care, so if a woman does not have or has very old, new equipment will be a great idea 🙂

And of course a dryer with a diffuser – a must have for curly-haired people.

The best gifts for her: hair cosmetics

DryCare Prestige MoistureProtect Dryer, 360 PLN 

StyleCare Curling iron, PLN 140

BABYLISS 3060E thermocouples, 115 PLN

A great and very practical idea is also a special microfiber towel for hair pressing (or a tourist), a special hair turban or a silk pillowcase and a hair cap .

The best gifts for her: high-quality hairbrushes

A bit cheaper, but still a great idea, is to give a hair maniac a new, luxurious hairbrush. The best ones are made of wood with high-quality teeth. Remember! The brush must match the type of hair of the future owner – curly hair may dream of a Denman brush, and straight hair may dream of an Olivia Garden brush, or an electric one that simultaneously dries and straightens the hair.

Kostkamm wooden paddle brush

Kostkamm Wooden brush for long hair 

Olivia Garden Finger Brush, PLN 60

The best gifts for her: luxury styling products

It is also a great gift idea for a hair maniac, which will especially delight women with curly hair. For sure, they already have an eye on a styling product that they would like to test and which cannot be bought in a regular drugstore. In that case it’s best to ask!

MaterNatura Gingerbread styling mousse, 60 PLN
The best gifts for her: hair cosmetics

Phitofilos Defining hair cream, PLN 63

Matarrania Organic anti-frizzing Hair Serum styler, PLN 84


I hope that you will find my suggestions for the best gifts for each woman useful. As far as I know the community of hair maniacs, I am sure that each of the ans would like to receive such gifts – practical, luxurious and very useful – great to complement their daily care. I recommend that you look around for it when making your next purchases, and of course, what I repeat so often – the best gift is the one you want, so you can just ask a loved one gently. She definitely has something in the dream zone that she would love to get.

Good luck presenting! Ania

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