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Indian Keto Curry chicken with shrimps (lchf, paleo)

Hello, darlings! Today I have for you a recipe for Indian Keto curry, which is curry chicken with shrimp. A tasty recipe not only for people on a keto and LCHF diet. In the ketogenic diet, I have long missed this dish, which are Indian delicacies.

Fortunately, everything can be done with simple spices. Keto curry is as tasty as a traditional dish, and cauliflower rice is a great imitation of white rice. It contains a lot of fiber, a lot of protein and low in carbohydrates. After cooling down, you can freeze the leftovers so that nothing is wasted unnecessarily. are you curious? Welcome to my recipe.

Recipe for Indian curry Keto, curry chicken with shrimp

Recipe for Indian curry Keto, curry chicken with shrimp

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • chicken breast or wings, approx. 200 g
  • white shrimps, approx. 10 pieces
  • cauliflower rice, 1 cup (160g)
  • package of frozen vegetables (cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, etc.)
  • onion 1 large pcs
  • butter 2 tsp
  • salt, pepper, curry, turmeric, cumin, other spices
  • sour cream, yogurt or thick cheese -1 tbsp
  • tomato puree -1 tsp


Time needed: 1 hour.

Recipe for Indian curry Keto, curry chicken with shrimp

  1. Rice preparation.

    Wash, dry and grind the cauliflower in a blender (you can also grate it) very finely, to the consistency of rice. Toast in a dry pan until soft.

  2. Meat.

    Meanwhile, we wash the meat, cut it into larger pieces. Heat the butter in a pan and fry the onion. At the end, add spices and wait until the whole kitchen is clogged with them. Fry the chicken for a while.

  3. Vegetables.

    Remove non-keto vegetables such as carrots and corn from the mix. Add the thawed vegetables and shrimps to the pan, fry everything covered, then stew while stirring, because water will come out of them.

  4. Suffocation.

    Simmer the whole thing for about 10 minutes longer, until the meat is ready and the vegetables are tender. Add a tablespoon of selected dairy products to the sauce, puree and mix, season with more turmeric and carry, if necessary.

  5. Ready!

    The sauce is served on cauliflower rice, like a traditional dish.

Recipe for Indian curry Keto, curry chicken with shrimp

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Will you try the delicious keto chicken curry?

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