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Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face new in

Hello guys! I come to you today with products from Orientana, Biolaven, Nago, Marion and Biofresh, which are new eco-novelties in the natural care of my face and hair.

These will be Orientana Ayurvedic hair tonic, new Biolaven lotion, concentrate for capillaries with Fitomed or Nago liposomes, ROSE BIOFRESH rose water, Marion shampoo, Aloe & Keratin, shampoo coloring 64 Nut Brown. This time they are my private purchases from drugstores and the Internet, which I did mainly because of the stocks care cosmetics for the fall. Hence the photos from the walk in the beautiful colors of October! If you are interested in how these cosmetics worked for me, I invite you to the rest of the post and my short reviews.

Orientana, Ayurvedic hair tonic
Orientana, Ayurvedic hair tonic reviews

Orientana, Ayurvedic hair tonic

Capacity: 100 ml
Price: approx. PLN 24

This tonic lotion is already a cult cosmetic helpful in hair growth and loss. I’ve wanted to review it for a long time, but somehow it failed. Strange thing: as soon as I wanted to buy it, a company was about to send it to me in a PR package, but they stopped talking. First Orientana, then a marketing agency, then another did the same. Typical…

I finally decided to buy and test it, because I’m fed up with working with such people, and I’ve heard many good opinions about the cosmetic. Contains Indian herbal extracts, reduces oily scalp, strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. I hope it will work for me, because it is falling out more and more!

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Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face novelties
Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face novelties

Fitomed, Nago, concentrate for vessels with liposomes

Capacity: 100 ml
Price: approx. 19 PLN

It is a cosmetic semi-finished product that has been manufactured by Fitomed for many years. The concentrate is a suspension of lecithin liposomes with extracts of horse chestnut, witch hazel and arnica, as well as vitamin C and rutin. You can add it to ready-made creams or base creams from this company, you can make cheese, tonics, etc. from it, or simply pat it into the vessels as a kind of essence.

is supposed to soothe skin redness and calm the capillaries, I am curious how it will work for me. I was supposed to take the serum and cream, but I figured it would be much cheaper, and certainly natural. The bottle has a large capacity and brilliant composition.

Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face novelties


Capacity: 330 ml
Price: approx. PLN 15

I am still running out of tonic and I have to buy new ones, pour into spray bottles, etc. When I saw rose water, I found that it was perfect for such a reserve for pouring. I have already tested this company’s creams, imported. from Bulgaria so I know it’s original. Good price with huge capacity and simple composition. The ingredients are only rose water and a light preservative.

I use rose water as a face tonic and also as a hair conditioner. It has a very delicate rose fragrance, does not dry the skin and smells nice, soothes irritations and reduces discoloration.

Biolaven organic, hair and scalp tonic

A new series of hair products from this company is a scalp lotion and scrub. I wanted to review them for a long time, but the price put me off, over PLN 30 for 150 ml … Do you remember the times when the lotions were for PLN 4-8 for 250 ml? Well, I found it recently in Empik for about PLN 10! Wcierka is allegedly very good, as Instagram readers have already told me. I’m very curious about her!

Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face novelties
Orientana, Biolaven, Nago | hair and face novelties

Marion, Marion shampoo, Aloe & Keratin, shampoo coloring 64 Nut Brown,

Capacity: 40 ml
Price: approx. PLN 7

It is a mild color shampoo without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. I’ve been using it rarely, but for years, just to douse a little too ginger henna and even out the overall color of my hair. It is also useful for quick regrowth improvement – it covers gray hair. He did not make any unpleasant surprises for me, my hair, despite the alcohol in the composition, is not in any worse condition. It also contains moisturizing aloe vera and keratin. One of the best shampoos of this type.

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