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FM HAIRLAB, AQUA2, new in my hair care

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you new products in the care of my hair – cosmetics from the FM Hairlab series. These are little known in the world of hair maniacs, but very interesting products with good ingredients and beautiful packaging, so I am glad to test them live.

The AQUA2 series is designed for people who have dry, dull, static-free hair with split ends. So I do not know if it is exactly right for me (I can guess, however, that it would be great for people with burnt and damaged hair after bleaching), but finally summer is coming and the heat wave will definitely dry my hair, so a little moisturizing will definitely come in handy.

The products, as the manufacturer suggests, do not contain parabens and are free from substances such as SLS and SLES, although unfortunately they contain a large dose of silicones, so they are not compatible with the CG method (spinners, be careful!). My kit includes a mask, shampoo and oil for hair ends. So if you are interested in how these cosmetics worked for me, I invite you to the rest of the post.

The luxurious HAIRLAB line was created at the renowned Ganassini Institute founded in Milan in 1930. The HAIRLAB line consists of exclusive products that guarantee professional care, while ensuring protection and safety, because:

  • do not contain parabens
  • are free of substances such as SLS and SLES
  • have undergone dermatological tests and tests for the presence of heavy metals (nickel, cobalt, chromium, palladium and mercury), which may cause allergic skin reactions

The AQUA2 series is intended for people with dry and dull hair, with high static electricity, with split ends .


Forget about dry, dull hair! The shampoo makes even the driest hair regain its healthy appearance and shiny. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it intensively moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the hair, and gently cleanses the hair and scalp. – contains hyaluronic acid, thanks to which it intensely moisturizes the hair – improves the condition of the hair: nourishes and strengthens it – thanks to it, the hair regains a healthy and beautiful appearance: it becomes shiny and bouncy – best use in a duet with AQUA2 MASK.


Thanks to the intensely nourishing formula enriched with an additional portion of hyaluronic acid, the AQUA2 series perfectly moisturizes dry, prone to frizz and damaged hair. It restores their elasticity and silkiness, while protecting their color and giving them an incredible shine. Provide your hair with hydration like never before!


Hyaluronic acid:  thanks to it, hair and scalp stay properly moisturized for a long time. It protects hair against water loss

Panthenol:  conditions the hair by embedding itself into its structure – not only moisturizes it, but also thickens it, increasing its volume. Makes hair shiny and easy to comb

Jojoba oil:  it is liquid gold in daily care – it restores elasticity and elasticity to the hair. It makes them soft and prevents them from frizzing

Linseed oil:  EFAs contained in its composition are involved in the production of phospholipids, helping to maintain the water-fat balance and proper hydration

Rice oil:  thanks to it, hair shines with amazing shine and looks healthy

Diglycerin:  binds water, moisturizes and tones the hair fiber

Catalog price: PLN 149.00

Capacity: 250 ml


A rescue for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. The mask intensively moisturizes and nourishes them, making them look healthy and shiny. Additionally, it facilitates detangling. Effect: strong hair full of shine.

  • rinsed
  • rich in linseed oil, jojoba oil and rice oil, which intensely moisturize and nourish the hair
  • thanks to it you can easily comb your hair
  • prevents breakage and static electricity
  • in order to strengthen the effect of the mask, add a few drops of AQUA² OIL
  • if you have color-treated hair, add a few drops of IDEAL² COLOR ELIXIR to the mask, which will bring out the extraordinary depth of color and give them a beautiful shine

Catalog price: PLN 149.00

Capacity : 250 ml

FM HAIRLAB intensively moisturizing AQUA2 OIL hair oil

AQUA2 OIL Moisturizes and smoothes the hair, prevents split ends and facilitates detangling. Specially selected ingredients protect the hair against water loss. All you need to do is massage one drop of the oil into your hair to give it extraordinary softness and delicacy (if you want to achieve a spectacular effect, you can use a few drops). – contains nourishing jojoba oil, which improves the condition of the hair – it can be used on wet and dry hair – strongly moisturizes the hair, giving it extraordinary softness and shine – thanks to it, split ends will cease to be your problem. 

Catalog price: PLN 159.00

Capacity : 100 ml

First impressions:

FM HAIRLAB is a line of hair care and styling products modeled on luxury and hairdressing cosmetics. Indeed, the packaging is very aesthetic, elegant and eye-catching. The products are also not the cheapest, although the large packaging capacity, quality and good ingredients justify this price threshold in my opinion.

They are signed by Majewski, who is allegedly a famous hairdresser, which assures me that the line is aimed at a specific type of recipient, who probably does not have too long hair, but uses luxurious hairdressing products, likes hair experiments and often styles his hair warm, arranging fancy hairstyles. Maybe it sounded weird, but of course there is nothing wrong with it, when testing, I always try to imagine who the products are intended for, so that the review is reliable and helpful, but not too subjective.

I take into account that my readership is very wide, we have different expectations and hair types, and everyone wants them to look their best! So today there will be a review of hairdressing products for dry and damaged hair and for people who do not have much time for home hair maniac treatments 🙂

The FM offer includes several series for colored hair, falling out and thin and curly with clay, which made me very interested! In my test pack, however, there is the AQUA2 series, which is intended for people who have dry, dull, static-free hair with split ends. So I do not know if it is completely suitable for me (I can guess, however, that it would be great for people with burned and damaged hair after bleaching), but finally summer is coming and the heat wave will definitely dry my hair, so a little moisturizing will be useful for them.

The products, as the manufacturer suggests, do not contain parabens and are free of substances such as SLS and SLES, although unfortunately they contain a large dose of silicones, so they are not compatible with the CG method (spinners, be careful!). I tested the products on the days when I wasn’t styling my hair, I let them be fairly straight under a protective haircut, so the use of silicones was absolutely justified.

I have been testing Hairlab cosmetics for only a month. I like the oil the most: AQUA2 OIL intensively moisturizing hair oil , because I use it as a silicone serum for hair ends. I spread a few drops on the tips every day and after each washing. It smells beautiful, most importantly – it has a good composition: silicones and oils and it does not overburden my hair. You cannot demand anything more after the oil. It also has a huge capacity, I’m a bit afraid if I can use it before the expiration date!

HAIRLAB, AQUA² is called a mask for dry hair, so I thought it would be a moisturizing product. To my surprise, it is actually a PEH cosmetic, based on valuable oils, which contain rice proteins and hyaluronic acid. Do also confirms my theory that the AQUA² series could do wonders on bleached hair! And how happy I am. I always have a small problem with humectant masks that have a lot of silicones, because how to use them – as the only product? Then we will not close the care with emollients, and if we give a purely oil mask, the effect of smoothing and weighting down, as in the case of silicone ones, will not be anymore. However, two silicone masks are a burden… You can see what a dilemma!

However, I used the Hairlab mask for quick washing, as the only product, for short periods without a cap. I am so glad that it is not only moisturizing! Here she gave me the best results, my hair was soft and shiny. I think it will be perfect for a quick wash and shampooing before going out, because I can curl such soft hair and have really good hair day. I can definitely recommend such a product as a supplement to our normal, natural care.

used HAIRLAB shampoo the least often from the entire series, as an advocate of washing my scalp with a conditioner, I do not trust him a bit, because despite the lack of SLS, it still contains medium detergents and silicones, it also has a very long composition. It definitely washes the hair, leaves it soft and smooth, actually moisturized. I am afraid of the influence of proteins and silicones on my scalp and my curly hair, although the perfume is already in the composition, so in a small amount, but still such a product could make me feel bad. Not to mention the build-up … Probably it will also be a cosmetic that I will probably use only for big exits. The biggest exits 🙂 And only in length.

I regret that the pr departments will not usually ask what type of hair or skin type I have before shipment, because “it does come in handy” when testing this type of cosmetics , not to mention the tester’s reliability 😉

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I imagine that HAIRLAB , AQUA² is a line for people who are looking for fast results and good quality in cosmetics. People who often go to hairdressing salons and wash and care for their hair in a very traditional way are not hair maniacs and have a lot of damage from frequent warm styling. For rather short, dry and damaged hair and for people who don’t have much time for home spa treatments. This line will definitely work for straight-haired people, in everyday, fast life: it will take care of the hair and give us a sense of well-being and luxury, it is also a brilliant gift – for every elegant woman.

You can buy all Hairlab cosmetics in the manufacturer’s store:  Fm world

Do you know these wonderful cosmetics? What would you test?

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