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Drinking yeast for fast hair growth – how to drink/prepare?

Hey guys! Today I am starting another hair treatment for faster growth – this time it will not be any pills, but fresh, natural baker’s yeast for hair growth.

I don’t know why I have never tried this treatment, I was probably afraid of the taste and my consequence: not so much when drinking, but mainly when buying yeast. But you have to try it sometime. It is known that vitamins are better absorbed by our body when they are given in the form of food, not artificial supplementation. Healthy food prevails!

Allegedly, this treatment has spectacular results – the effects can be seen after a month or two of regular use. The yeast drink, unfortunately, is not the tastiest one, it even rejects some with the smell itself, but don’t worry, I have good advice. I invite you to the post, from which you will learn how to take it more expensive and what the effects will be.

Drinking yeast for hair growth – is it worth it? My effects

Yeast for rapid hair growth, how to drink and to prepare?
Drożdże na porost włosów

Why yeast?

For sure, each of you came across tablets for hair loss, which contained yeast extract, as well as herbal extracts and B group vitamins. I also took such preparations for several years, and they helped me with sensational loss. Yeast is a rich source of B vitamins that improve body immunity, iron absorption, metabolism, nervous system, circulation, skin, hair and nails, and their condition.

They also contain a number of minerals –selen, chromium, zinc, cobalt, phosphorus, manganese, molybdenum, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, iodine, copper – thanks to which they regulate hormonal balance, reduce blood sugar, reduce appetite for sweets, sweep free radicals and support the regeneration and cleansing of the body. In addition, they are a rich source of amino acids.

What gives us drinking yeast?

Every yeast supplementation can be expected to stop hair loss, accelerate hair growth, improve nail condition and reduce acne symptoms. Unfortunately, the latter sometimes manifests itself in cleansing the skin, i.e. pimples … Jets is a transient condition, it is worth surviving to enjoy beautiful skin, but it can be uncomfortable at first.

Where to buy it?

You will find them in every grocery store. You can use both those fresh in cubes, which are usually in the refrigerators next to dairy products, but also dried, pressed instant yeast, which is next to poppies. I just decided on the latter, because we will easily buy more and it is easier to store stocks. After all, it is about regularity in taking, as with any supplementation!

Dosage of yeast

The package of fresh is 100 g, and you can drink a maximum of 50 g of yeast at a time, i.e. divide the cube into half and store the rest in the fridge. However, it is worth starting with smaller doses, 1/4 or 1/6 cubes and gradually increasing their number.
In the case of dried instant we have to count it. The packaging corresponds to 25 grams of fresh yeast, i.e. we start from half of the instant packaging, reaching two in one dose. I just started with a flat teaspoon of instant yeast to get used to the taste.

How to drink yeast

Yeast for rapid hair growth, how to drink and to prepare?

The simplest recipe is that we crush the right amount of yeast in a mug and pour boiling water in proportion. Half a cube to a cup or half water, but it’s easier for me to drink half a cup. You can also use boiling milk or top up the water with regular or vegetable milk, but without sugar! The water must be boiling, 90-100 degrees Celsius to kill the mushrooms, otherwise we will get stomach problems. Then mix the drink until it dissolves and wait for it to cool down. The tastiest is almost cold, because it is warm, let’s be honest, it doesn’t impress with its taste.

What to season with a yeast drink?

We should not sweeten the yeast drink, otherwise we will destroy its beneficial properties. It also applies to products consumed about an hour before and after drinking a drink – they should also not be any foods containing sucrose or simple sugars.

The taste of the drink can be improved by many things – instant coffee, inka, cereal, dark cocoa, tea. In my opinion, the taste of this specific product best kills dark cocoa.

You can also add herbal teas to our treatment and quickly drink everything at once: horsetail, hives, pansy.

How to conduct a yeast drinking treatment?

Breaks are needed in supplementation, so continuous drinking is not recommended. The most popular is drinking yeast for three weeks / months and – one week / month break. The treatment should not, however, be used continuously for more than 3 months, because our body will get used to it.

Yeast for rapid hair growth, how to drink and to prepare?

In terms of security

The treatment is natural and safe for people of all ages. Yeast at a dose of max 1/2 cubes are not able to cause an overdose of vitamins, because most of them are soluble in water. Therefore, their excess is excreted from the body with urine.

The only side effects of using this form of yeast can be heartburn, stomach problems when used improperly, and / or a rash of pimples when cleansing the skin.

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And one last word – nothing by force!
If the taste of the drink rejects you and no supplements can help you drink, or you have stomach problems, do not torture yourself with this treatment, it’s a waste of life. You can take yeast in tablets – although their effect is weaker than drinking fresh yeast, they will also be effective.

Have you tried yeast treatment for hair growth?

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