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Keto cheesecake without bottom: fluffy, simple and fast

Hey loved ones! Today I have another recipe for delicious sweets for you: keto cheesecake without bottom, i.e. a quick cake that is healthy, tasty and although it is in the ketogenic version, the taste is not inferior to traditional, heavy and fattening sweets.

It was the first time I made a cheesecake without a bottom on a pudding and I was surprised how tasty and fluffy it is. In addition, this cheesecake is very simple and quick to make, perfect for a sweet breakfast, as a coffee dessert and for guests, it will surely appeal to everyone. We can also bake them with eggs or vegan on margarine and with any toppings – glaze, nuts. Every time the pumpkin cheesecake comes out perfectly and delicious. If you are interested in my recipe for these autumn delicacies, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Keto cheesecake without bottom: fluffy, simple and fast
Keto cheesecake without bottom: fluffy, simple and fast

Keto cheesecake without bottom: recipe how to make

Ingredients for the cheese mass:

  • 1 kg of ground cheesecake cottage cheese
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 200 g of butter
  • 50 g of erythritol
  • 1 teaspoon of cream flavor / vanilla
  • 2 bags of vanilla pudding without sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • glaze or a piece of chocolate to dissolve
  • possibly peanuts, coconut for decoration


Time needed: 1 hour.

keto pie ketogenic cheesecake

  1. Mixing the cheesecake mass.
    Ingredients for all masses must be at room temperature. Mix the butter, sugar and oil until smooth. Gradually add whole eggs, cheese and pudding powder. Blend them until the ingredients are combined, but not for too long so as not to air the cheese mass.

  2. We teach the form.
    Line a tin with a diameter of up to 23 cm with baking paper and grease it thoroughly with butter. We preheat the oven.

  3. Baking.

    Pour lemon juice and lemon zest into the mixture, mix with a spoon. Pour out the cheese mass and bake it for about 60 minutes at 175 ° C. The surface of the cheesecake should be well done – then it is ready.

  4. Cooling down.

    After baking, leave the dough in the pan for about an hour. Then you can take it out and cool it, pour it with home-made glaze (butter, erytrol and cocoa) or melted chocolate, decorate the top as you like.

Keto cheesecake without bottom: fluffy, simple and fast
Keto cheesecake without bottom: fluffy, simple and fast

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