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How to used up a hair conditioner? 3 ways

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Hi guys! what do we want to use a bad hair conditioner? Well, each of us has a few hair products in our bathroom that have been lying around for a long time. We simply forget about some of them, some do not serve us or we have too much cosmetics.

Meanwhile, the expiry date is approaching or we are cleaning up and we do not know how to use up poor hair conditioners. It is definitely not worth throwing away – wasting our planet’s resources and our own money. 

The most common problem is when the conditioner is too light, runny and does not meet the needs of our hair. Or the other way around – packed with silicones and butters, it overburden our hair. In both cases, however, there are simple solutions. How to use a bad hair conditioner?

1. How to use up the hair conditioner? Change the way:

As a base for hair oiling

It is an oiling method in which light, silicone-free and moisturizing emulsions, e.g. with aloe, honey or high glycerin content, will work. However, if the conditioner is emollient, you can mix it with humectants, e.g. by adding dissolved sugar, honey, hyaluronic gel, which will perfectly moisturize the length of dried hair, and oiling will lock the hydration in the cuticles for a long time.

Conditioner oiling:

Lightly soak the hair, e.g. with water spray, evenly apply a small amount of conditioner, oil after a while, then wash it off as usual. Thanks to the conditioner, the oil will also rinse off more easily during washing, so it is a good option for those who have problems with such methods.

For emulating oils

Here, a light conditioner will work again, it may be the same that we used as a foundation. Some people even use conditioners with washable silicones from this step, because in the end it is only quick washing along the length; but remember never to put anything with heavy silicones on your scalp. Shampoos, masks, oils – nothing. Clogged scalp “suffocates” and becomes greasy, it can lead to many hair problems. It is not worth hurting yourself just to use the hair conditioner.

Emulsifying oils:

Rinse hair and / or scalp covered with oil under a stream of warm water, gently massaging. After a while, squeeze the excess water, cover it evenly with a generous layer of light conditioner and apply the turban. Wash off with water after 10-15 minutes.

Washing hair with conditioner

A popular method of washing, thanks to which you can use a lot of Russian lotions and silicone-free conditioners. In short – if your poor conditioner contains at least one of the mild detergents at the beginning of the composition:

  • Behentrimonium Chloride
  • Cetrimonium Chloride
  • Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Tallowtrimonium Chloride
  • Tricetildimonium Chloride
  • Methosulfates

then you can easily try to wash your hair with it. Such a consumable conditioner is an ideal product for testing whether this method of hair washing suits us, as well as for learning the washing technique.

How to wash your hair with a conditioner:

First, we wash our hair with warm water. We put a large amount of the conditioner on the scalp, massage it, add it and massage it again until a little foam is obtained, then wash it off. 

The first O in the OMO method

Omo, a method of washing hair: Conditioner, Washing, Conditioner. Here a light conditioner will work again, without silicone, paraffin or oils. Such washing is especially suitable for dry, damaged hair – the emulsion protects it against detergent. Again, it’s a good idea to use up a hair conditioner that doesn’t work for you or to test a new method.

How to wash your hair with the OMO method:

Soak the hair, apply a conditioner to the length, foam shampoo on the scalp, wash only the head and rinse the foam all over the rest of the hair. After rinsing, we apply the conditioner again, it does not have to be the same, it may be, for example, a better working mask.

As a leave-in conditioner

Again, the lightest and lightest conditioners will be perfect for that. How to use? Massage the cap into the length, starting at the end on washed and slightly dry hair.

Scrub for the scalp

Rare emulsions are also great for clay head scrub, because they provide a glide for the paste and soothe any irritation.

How to make a clay peeling:

Apply a small amount of conditioner as a base on a wet head, apply a paste made of conditioner mixed with clay and massage with careful movements, finally rinsing. You can use this method in place of shampoo.

how to use up a hair conditioner
Hair conditioner

2.How to use the hair conditioner? Try to fix it:

Tuning the mask or conditioner

Such an emulsion is an excellent base for home masks. To a too light conditioner, you can add oils, herbal extracts, humectants, proteins, it can be enriched with aloe gel, clays, henna and even melted shea butter, depending on what product you want to achieve – a thick mask or moisturizing conditioner. It’s best to make small portions at a time, right before applying – you will be sure that nothing goes bad.

Mixing the conditioner

You can also mix, for example, a protein conditioner with a thick emollient mask and thus have one, better-working product, thanks to which you use two things at once and save time on your head.

Homemade scalp mask:

You can add a lot of intermediates and home-made ingredients to a regular conditioner, which are good for accelerating hair growth, reducing hair loss and thickening the hair. Again: you don’t have to spend money on several different products for all uses, just a regular conditioner. Rub this mask only into the scalp, while the length of the hair is covered with a nourishing mask, as usual.

My recipe for  a yeast + clay cleansing mask: for growth and strengthening the bulbs 

Serum for tips:

Add a few drops of store silicone serum to the conditioner. You can keep them in a small bottle. Such a serum will be less burdening and greasy than silicones alone, it will also be more nourishing. So if you have a lousy silicone serum and a lousy conditioner in stock – this method is for you! You will use two things for the beauty of your hair.

3. Try to use the poor conditioner for a different purpose:

Unwanted conditioners can also be used for a completely different purpose than hair care. Why not? After all, it’s just a light emulsion.

Hand and foot masks

I have already written about this method here: Hair conditioner mask for dry hands.

In short: put a layer of mask or conditioner on damaged, dry hands, wait a while and rinse. You can also use it for a manicure. Rather, the heavier, buttery and silicone products will work here.

Cuticle softener

You can also massage the conditioner into dry cuticles only – it will work like a cuticle shop product. 

Animal fur conditioner

Human hair is not that different from dog hair, I have heard many stories about the use of cheap, drugstore conditioners with a good composition after bathing for pets instead of those horrendously expensive, veterinary ones, you just have to remember to avoid exposed skin, which can irritate some ingredient .

Leaf rinse aid

Instead of buying expensive products, you can use a dissolved nutrient for consumption as a list preparation for home plants. 

Anti-rust preparation

You can also protect metal garden furniture and other items exposed to rust with a light conditioner that will protect the metal as well as a special preparation.

Washing wool, silk and children’s clothes

Conditioners work well for hand washing silk pillowcases and woolen sweaters, you should not overdo it with the amount of dissolved product, because the fibers will be stiff. Some people use conditioners as rinsing liquids in the washing machine, but I have never tried this method because I like laundry that smells very fresh 🙂

For shrunken sweaters

And if your sweater shrunk after washing, dissolve a tablespoon of conditioner in a bowl of water and rinse the garment – the emulsion will help soften the fabric, allowing it to return to its previous size.

Bath for mother and baby

Yes, a lot of this conditioner can be poured into the bathtub as a bubble bath for a baby. It will soften the water, moisturize the skin and it will smell, maybe slightly lather. Of course, you have to be careful with the ingredients, especially when you have a small allergy sufferer at home; I’d rather recommend natural products, such as Russian hair balms. This way we will use up the conditioner quickly.

Face masks and scrub

See that the composition of the simple supplement is not so different from the purchased drugstore sachets with face cream masks. The conditioner glides, prevents the clay masks from drying out and, of course, additionally nourishes. I often use Russian hair balms as a base for homemade facial scrubs, homemade masks with herbs and clay. I also often put on the same face mask as I used for my hair – toned with moisturizers and oils. Saves time, only benefits for beauty and a great way to use a conditioner that doesn’t do anything to my hair.

Face cream

A light mask without silicones can sometimes also be used instead of a face cream (e.g. when away, when it’s finished, etc.). The conditioner will moisturize and soften the skin in the same way, but I would be careful about products with glycerin and butters – they can clog pores. However, you can use a moisturizing conditioner with a good composition.

Cleansing milk

Conditioner with a high content of oils can be safely used for make-up removal – it will help dissolve make-up and leave the skin moisturized and soft. 

Body shaving

Hair conditioner is an excellent shaving agent. It gives the razor a good glide, softens the hair and makes it easier to cut. We apply the conditioner in a thin layer, shave and lightly massage the remnants of the conditioner on the skin, then rinse. 

Since I tested this method, I don’t buy any shaving foams or gels anymore, because every conditioner I used worked out perfectly and will not clog the razor. The best are, of course, the moisturizers with aloe vera, because they soothe inflammation and irritation, although I don’t have them after such shaving.

For the care of the bristles of make-up brushes and hair brushes

A bit of conditioner prevents static electricity and ensures the longevity of the brushes. I put it on after cleaning the instruments, then rinse with cold water. It is worth doing conditioning, especially with new bristles made of natural bristles, which can electrify the hair. Applying a conditioner should help.

Instead of WD-40 for hinges

Another method of using a little more weak conditioner is to repair all doors. Apply conditioner to squeaky hinges, it will work just like any store lubricant. 

Preparation for polishing jewelry

The simple conditioner is also suitable for polishing jewelry and other items made of stainless steel.

Removing the patches without pain

The conditioner will work like any oily emulsion: massage a little into the skin around the patch, the glue will dissolve easily and you will quickly remove the patch without pain. 

On a jammed zipper

Like any greasy emulsion, the conditioner is great for repairing tight locks. Apply a little over the zipper and along the teeth. 

Use the conditioner as a shower lotion

The light hair nourishing emulsion works in no way different from the shop lotions for showering. I use this method whenever I want to wash quickly and often when traveling, when it is better to use a hotel mini than their lotion or washing gel loaded with so many detergents that you could clean the toilets with it 😉

It is also a great patent in summer, when we have to shower several times a day or we simply don’t want to stick to heavy lotions.

Here, light emulsions as well as heavy masks and silicone bombs will work. Yes, the feeling of hydration after store products is mainly the oils and silicones they contain.

How to embalm with a conditioner?

I wash my hair in the shower, I put the conditioner on and while it is absorbing, I wash the body and the skin I also apply the conditioner in a thin layer, wait a while – here you can, for example, shave or brush your teeth – then rinse everything, ending with my hair. The skin takes less time for the mask to work. After such washing, it is smooth and slippery. This is definitely my favorite way to use a hair conditioner.

How to use a hair conditioner? No waste

If you do not have any that you want to lose, but you like clever ideas for the multifunctionality of one cosmetic, I will tell you that often when I go somewhere longer, I only take one conditioner with me. Because such a product is universal, we can even wash with it (conditioners with a lot of mild detergents), moisturize the skin, wash hair, make a mask and use it as a hand cream, etc. etc. It is also a good solution when you are on a budget or you don’t want to buy a lot because of your minimalism. One good, universal conditioner is enough.

My favorite for years has been Vatika with black cumin. I most often use it to wash my hair, but it also works alone as a mask. No matter how I use it, the hair is then soft and smooth, just beautiful. My hair hit last year!

DIY quick hair mask with grapes, argan oil and black cumin

How to use the conditioner
Vatika mask with black cumin

I take a small, handy and cheap bottle of Joanna Naturia  for short trips and use it for everything, it is comfortable, and smells good (my favorite is the version with honey), unfortunately it is very rare.

Same with  Hegron although it smells like a hairdressing salon from the 1960s.

Joanna Naturia how to use a bad conditioner
Joanna Naturia

I often take Kallos Color with me and recommend it because of the price – a liter bucket can be hunted sometimes and for PLN 8. By itself, it’s good for most hair as a simple emollient conditioner, but I also like to tune it up and make protein and moisturizing masks.

Kallos Color
Kallos Color

Beloved, I have a request; if you know and use any other way to use hair products, describe it in the comment. I will be very happy to read your ideas, and for sure many girls will find it useful in finishing their stockpiles!

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