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Homemade mask for dry hands – how to do?

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about a method that I have been successfully using for years with dry hands .

Yes, it is about smearing them with a hair conditioner like we do with a cream. Any product is suitable for this, but it is best to use a thick and full-bodied one containing silicones, butters and oils. Of course, you can also use any conditioner or mask that does not work well on our hair and that we want to use quickly. If you want to know what this method is all about, check out the post.

Mask for dry hands – how to do?

You probably know the OMO hair washing method, which consists in applying a light conditioner to the entire length of the hair, washing the scalp with shampoo and finally reapplying a more substantial conditioner on the hair. We do it to protect damaged and dry hair from stronger detergent and to nourish it during washing. 

It is the same with my hands: just before washing my hair, I cover it with a thick layer of conditioner, just like using a hand mask – see that these products do not differ much in terms of their composition.

During washing, the mask will of course be washed off, but a protective and lubricating layer will remain on the skin, preventing the hands from drying out. After washing, it is enough to apply cream on them again. So much! 

I use this method very often when washing my scalp with a cleansing shampoo, e.g. before dyeing my hair with Cassia.

how to use hair conditioner on dry hands

Other uses

The method can of course be used on a daily basis, whenever you feel that your hands need more hydration. Simply, after washing your hands, we apply a thick layer of conditioner like a cream and rinse off after a while.

I also use the mask when making a manicure – here a protein conditioner will come in handy, which will additionally strengthen the nails. 

We can use it as a thick foot cream, after soaking and after care treatments, put on a solid layer of hair mask and put on socks to sleep. 

Of course, we can treat our hands to the same treatment, special cotton gloves will be useful for this. I usually use this treatment when my skin is rough as paper. In the morning there is no trace of this, it is nicely moisturized and smooth.

In addition, I rub this mask into my hands before home chores and before going out to frost, then I also cover them with a drop of silicone hair serum, which creates an additional protective layer on the skin. It is enough to wash it off with soap afterwards.

Why put a mask on dry hands?

  • It is a cheap way to nourish the skin of the hands. After such treatment, they are smooth and moisturized.
  • We don’t have to wait for the greasy cream to be absorbed – we apply the conditioner, rinse and wipe our hands.
  • We protect hands from drying out.
  • The feeling of stickiness also disappears – the conditioner does not leave an oily layer, as many creams do.
  • Each of us has hair products for our bathroom and we do not incur any additional costs.
  • So we do not buy another cosmetic that takes up space in the bathroom, has a plastic packaging and is actually not necessary for us.
  • Instead, we use unnecessary hair products. We save our own money, time and planet resources (to some extent, but it’s always pro eco).  
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Will you try this method? Or maybe it has been known to you for a long time?

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