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Hair oiling for a month | beginning of treatment

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Hey guys! Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be hair oiling for a month. A few days ago I started this treatment, taking advantage of the fact that rainy weather and Covid do not allow too much outdoor activity.

I will conduct the treatment every day for the next month. I will be rubbing DIY oil from herbs, garlic and onions into my scalp, the recipe for which will appear here soon on my blog. For the length of the hair, I will use different oils interchangeably, although most often those found in my current bottom design. Thanks to this, they will come down much faster.

I hope it will bring good results in growing and improving the condition of my long hair. I also hope to use the oils and conditioners that have been on my bathroom shelf for too long.

Over the past few years, I have been oiling my hair regularly, almost every time I wash my hair, but my oil reserves are not exhausted. From time to time, I also carry out a weekly treatment – hair oiling using the inversion method, which also worked very well for me. This time, however, I decided to follow in the footsteps of other hair bloggers who are now doing monthly hair oiling treatments with forced isolation. It is a good idea to keep your mind busy with something other than a virus and to take care of your hair when nobody sees you every day and you don’t have to look show. So if you are curious about the inversion method, please read the rest of this post.

Hair oiling for a month – what is my treatment?

  • I started oiling my hair a few days ago with a thorough washing with a cleansing shampoo, peeling and a nourishing mask.
  • I will carry out the treatment every day, for the next month I will perform a thorough oiling of both the scalp and the length.
  • I will be rubbing my proven DIY herbal, garlic and onion oil into my scalp, the recipe for which will appear on my blog soon.
  • For the length of the hair, I will use different oils interchangeably, although most often those found in my current bottom design. Thanks to this, they will come off much faster and my hair will have variety.

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  • The foundation for scalp oiling is my three-herb rub, on which I also apply oil.
  • Then I perform a decent skin massage with my fingers and devices with insets.
  • I will also perform a scalp massage using the inversion method to further stimulate blood circulation and nourish the hair roots.

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  • I usually oil the length with a moisturizing foundation, most often on a spray conditioner, kewra water or Ziaja tonic.
  • Homemade recipes for a base for oiling may also be useful, e.g. water with sugar, honey, aloe vera gel, moisturizing conditioner. Unfortunately, there is no such bottom in my project, but maybe I can make a DIY recipe for a base for hair oiling made of semi-finished products, which I also need to use quickly.
  • I keep the oil on my hair at least an hour after home, tied in a bun.
  • Sometimes I don’t wash off the oil until the next day, but I add a smaller portion and wash my hair every other day. My scalp and its length do not bother me at all, I even have the impression that my hair sucks on the oil and it will be very useful for them.
  • After this time, I wash the oil off my hair, first with water, then with an emulsifying conditioner.
  • Every few days I also use a shampoo, sometimes mild, sometimes stronger, then DIY flour.

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  • At the end I use conditioner, usually only for early days.
  • Every few days I use a hair mask under a warm cap.
  • I keep the PEH balance by exchanging hair conditioners, but trying to use as many products from my bottom design as possible.
  • However, the project can be easily done with one oil and one emollient and multifunctional conditioner.
  • After washing my hair, I dry it naturally using home methods.

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  • I apply a light herbal scalp lotion and a bit of serum on the ends.
  • I do not supplement the treatment in any other way, neither with supplements nor cosmetics, so that my test of improving the quality of hair and growth after a month of treatment is as reliable as possible.

Hair oiling for a month – what results can be achieved?

Many hair bloggers have been carrying out such tests and treatments for many years. Their results, which I recently watched on Instagram reports, look very promising. So what can we achieve after a month of regular hair oiling?

  • significant increase in hair growth
  • shed baby hair and hair thickening
  • overgrowing of “bald” bends
  • shine and smoothness along the length
  • greater flexibility of tips
  • disappearance of dehydration of damaged hair
  • improvement of the general condition and appearance of the hair
  • improving the health of the scalp
  • consumption of residual oils and conditioners
  • the habit of massage and oiling before each subsequent wash


As you can see, this treatment looks very promising. I sincerely hope it will bring me good results. it may seem that daily washing will be troublesome, especially since it is cold and I have long hair. However, it does not bother me at all, because they dry quickly, and such hair oiling for a few minutes can be easily integrated into your daily routine. So I will continue my tests and I will write a report on the effects in the next post. I also hope that someone will join me and we will be more comfortable in our daily massages.

Let me know if you like these hair oiling ideas,

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