DIY Coconut & Lavender Hair Wash Conditioner | co-wash

Hey guys! Today I have another hair care recipe for you: DIY Coconut and lavender scented hair wash conditioner. This is by far my last favorite for scalp cleansing! This specificity not only washes thoroughly, but also smells delicious and nourishes the hair. Especially that I am currently using it for my hair oiling project every day for […]

Garnier Fructis, Goodbye Damage | hair news

Hey guys! Today I have another hair post for you, an overview of the popular series of hair care cosmetics from Garnier Fructis: Goodbye Damage.  It is a variant for thin and damaged hair that needs reinforcement, so I hope it will help my dry hair. I must admit that I have been going to buy a […]

Hair oiling for a month | beginning of treatment

Hey guys! Today I have another post for you about growing your hair, this time it will be hair oiling for a month. A few days ago I started this treatment, taking advantage of the fact that rainy weather and Covid do not allow too much outdoor activity. I will conduct the treatment every day for the […]

Washing hair with Micellar Cleansing Water – no poo

Hello! Today I have another post for you about the basics of hair care, like washing hair with micellar Cleansing Water no poo. This is part of the series I abandoned long ago about how to wash your hair properly and how to wash no poo. However, I decided to come back to this, especially since I […]

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