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Homemade DIY rye flour shampoo | no poo, no waste

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Hey guys! Today I have a recipe for you for homemade rye shampoo. Thus, I return to the posts with the basics of natural hair care, in accordance with your wishes.

So we will deal with another no poo method, i.e. washing with flour. The most popular for this method is plain rye flour, such as for white borscht. It is extremely cheap and easily available, so it is definitely worth trying to use it in a recipe. Making a shampoo is also very easy, and I am telling you some tricks and secrets on how to best wash your hair with such shampoo. It is a great method that will work well with greasy hair, but also, for example, during travel, when we do not have how or do not want to buy a bottle of shampoo. Rye flour will easily wash your head, and it will be great for the health of your hair. If you are interested in how this homemade shampoo worked for me, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Homemade shampoo

Homemade rye shampoo


  • two tablespoons of rye flour                
  • a glass of warm water
  • possibly a herbal infusion
  • possibly additives, e.g. a drop of oil, extracts, clays, honey etc.


Time required:  17 min ..

  1. Preparation.We put the herbal decoction to a stretch and wait for it to cool down. We prepare the ingredients.
  2. Mixing.The shampoo is best made in a blender or screw cap jar. Pour the flour and pour it over with warm, but not hot, water or decoction. We mix well, we can help ourselves with a mixer, spoon and / or vigorously shaking the jar.
  3. LumpsThe mass should be not too thick, smooth and without lumps. The more lumps, the harder it will be to rinse them off the hair. A very thin paste can also be washed, much easier than too thick. It’s easy to learn to make shampoo right in the jar, shaking is enough and not to dirty too many dishes.
  4. Accessories.We add honey, oils, extracts, clays and other additives, mix again.
  5. Putting down.Then put the shampoo aside for at least 10 minutes before washing, so that the flour “lets go” and mucus forms. It will be easier to wash and easier to use. Finished!
Homemade shampoo

How to wash your hair with flour?

We lean our head over the bathtub and soak our hair with warm water. Then we shake the jar and pour the shampoo from the jar over the head, we can help ourselves with our hands. We divide the portion into two washes, one may not be enough. Apply the shampoo only to the scalp. We cover all parts of the scalp and massage carefully but gently, then run the shampoo down the hair with your fingers. We rinse everything. Then we repeat washing the hair. We nourish the hair as usual. 

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Why are we washing our hair with flour?

The best known, natural method of washing hair without shampoo and no poo is wholemeal rye flour. It contains a lot of saponins, so it is often recommended for beginners. Most grain products are high in saponins and should be able to wash your hair: chickpea flour, rye flour, corn flour, oatmeal (as well as ground flakes), buckwheat, chestnut, acorn, etc., potato and corn starch. Of course, the best price is ordinary rye flour. I also tested soy flour, because I had leftovers of it in the kitchen for a long time, and somehow I could not find out about its taste. It was weaker than Rye, but eventually washed my hair as well.

Homemade shampoo

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Soon I will add more recipes for shampoos from other flours and with interesting additives, such as a great shampoo for hair growth.

Are you curious? Have you heard about hair washing like this?

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