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How to dry your hair quickly? 10 easy ways

Hey guys! Today I have prepared for you another entry with tips on natural hair care, this time about how to dry your hair quickly.

If you are a person whose hair dries very long, you have to leave quickly or you just don’t want to sit too long with a wet head, this entry is for you! In it I answer a few simple and clever methods that I could shorten this drying time after washing hair to a minimum. My record was ten minutes of drying just before leaving the house, but I helped myself with a hair dryer on the back of my head and, however, just in case I put on my hat because the weather was negative. As you can see, I have tested everything well, because I wash my hair quite often and it is long, and I do not want to dry it indefinitely. If you were interested in these home methods, I invite you to the rest of the post.

How to dry your hair quickly? Dryer !

It would seem that this is the easiest way, and yet many people avoid warm air, which can damage hair very much. If you are in a hurry, a good method is to dry with a warm, not hot breeze around the head – the ends of the hair dry much faster, manage to dry before you are ready to leave.

You can brush your hair with a cool breeze – yes, there are people who regularly dry their hair with cool air with the help of ionization, and this is also a good method.

If there is no way out, you can dry your hair from time to time from time to time, just remember to spray them with a heat protection spray and finish drying with a cool breeze that will close the hot hair scales and additionally shine your hair. 

Draining after washing the hair

I don’t dry hair traditionally by rubbing with a towel, because it just destroys it. I use a very absorbent microfiber travel towel or a cotton t-shirt for this purpose. First, gently wring the hair by hand, then squeeze the hair into the materials mentioned. I apply a few times to make as much water as possible.
Good terry towels are also effective, however, some can cause frizz. 

How to dry your hair quickly? Turban 

After wringing, I wrap my hair in a cotton turban for a few more minutes, wrap it tightly around my head to additionally drain the hair. 

Three towels 

A good way for those who are frizzing:) Drain the hair with one towel, make a turban from the other and change it when it is wet. fresh and dry, they will drain even more moisture.

You can use old cotton t-shirts. And of course, you do not need to wash them after each use, just hang them to dry. 

A warm towel 

A towel heated on the radiator will drain the water faster and help the hair dry faster, just remember that it is not too hot. 

Paper towels 

It’s a great idea at the very end to drain the hair in a paper towel that absorbs all the rest of the moisture. At this point, the ends of my hair are practically dry. (Why? Because they were once lightened up – under the influence of chemical treatments, the hair gets cuticle, which makes it easier to release water from inside the hair. Hair may even remain in good condition, but it dries faster.) 


I dissolve my hair, gently comb my fingers and sit by the radiator (not too close), waiting for them to dry themselves  It is worth to transfer them from side to side or up, because the back usually stays moist for the longest time. 

How to dry your hair quickly? Hair hooking 

If your hair dries the longest at the back of the head, you can also accelerate their drying by attaching this part to a loose bun at the top of the head or connecting with a hairpin, elastic, stick etc. 

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And finally – choosing the right cosmetics 

Hair damaged after bleaching dries longer, I read that they can sometimes hold water all night or even … day. In this case, a dryer is necessary, it is a better choice than keeping wet, opened scales for more than an hour. And of course, bringing hair to usability … :)

But if the hair is in fairly good condition and dries too long, think about whether you are not using too many emollient conditioners. Maybe you need to change care, which should speed up the drying time ?

Will you try my methods ? 🙂 Asia

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