What to do with food leftovers, not only after Christmas?

And every year we promise ourselves that this time we will cook less and plan meals adjusted to the number of guests better, but we know that we do not always succeed. The remains of food after the holidays fill our fridges and we do not know what to do with them. However, it is absolutely a pity to throw it away, it is also not worth waiting until it breaks down. According to the idea of no waste and less waste – we can always use it somehow!

Let’s not waste, let’s not throw out and let’s wait until the excess food breaks in the fridge! There are people who need help very much.

We can always eat leftovers in a different way

In my family home we always eat dishes from Christmas Eve on the second day – for example borscht for breakfast 🙂 And also for the rest of the day, so they go down a bit, but it is known that after a while everyone has enough of even the tastiest dishes. If you still have too much, you have to be creative and change it a bit. Instead of borscht with dumplings, eat fried dumplings with dumplings, cabbage with mushrooms can be considered as an addition to dinner with a cutlet and potatoes, and I use white beans from Christmas Eve for a salad for supper.
Groats with plums as a cold dessert with the addition of cocoa and honey, similar to millet. I made sweet, poppy balls from kutia.

Freeze / hide for later

If food is still too much, you can always freeze it for later. Dumplings, stuffed cabbage, ears can easily be frozen for a long time. They will be a great dinner soon. Doughs will be useful for unexpected guests or for being eager for something sweet. Most cakes, even cheesecake you can freeze for up to three months. Apple pie will last a few days in the fridge. Cookies and gingerbread themselves will stay fresh for several months stored in tin boxes. Put the wine into the ice molds and put in the freezer. They will be useful for drinks or sauces. Soups without potatoes can be stored in the freezer for several months. Wrap the bread in cling film and freeze. You can also remove them on breadcrumbs or feed the wintering birds.

Share with those in need

It is worth looking around if an elderly, lonely person or other needy live in the area. My grandfather is a great catcher, every year, just after Christmas Eve, he took the leftovers of the fish for wild cats from the neighborhood and set them next to the trash. Once a homeless man approached us and asked for a portion. He did not feel alcohol from him, he seemed nice and just hungry and cold. My grandfather, of course, went for more food, old blankets and unnecessary jackets. Since then, we always leave leftovers in the same place, separately, wrapped in a package – whether it will be picked up by someone in need, a freegan in hunting or eating a homeless animal – it does not matter, it is important that someone is useful. We give the rest to the shelter and remember that it would not cook too much …

Where can you give away food?

Christmas collection

In many cities, collections are organized not only before Christmas, it is worth looking for information about the local, this year’s action in the press.

Shelters for homeless people

There are hostels in every city, and almost all are willing to accept packages with post-holiday remnants and generally have no restrictions. Remember, however, not to bring spoiled and stale food. You can also look for addresses of local homes for a single mother – such centers need everything, because sometimes women with children go there literally after running out of the house … Clothes, cosmetics, things after child – every help is useful.

Local church and secular organizations

Check where your food and things for the needy are collected in your area. You’ll be amazed at how many centers are there that need help – a single mother’s home, an orphanage, and shelters of all kinds.

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