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Khadi, Henna hair dye Sunny Blonde | tests

Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review after dyeing Khadi henna in the shade Sunny Blonde.

With spring, we feel like positive changes, and you know that as women we like to start with hair. Therefore, I decided to test the new color on my head and instead of dyeing my hair with Cassia or Senes as usual, I chose a light red dye.

This is one of the many recent novelties from the well-known company Khadi. I am very happy that they are starting to experiment with shades of brown and blonde. After all, not everyone likes red or does not like any red shine on their head. I was also very interested in these new browns, unfortunately they contain indigo in the composition and I cannot use them due to the planned highlights. So I am very curious how this color will work for me. Feel free to review and take photos of my effects.

henna khadi
Henna Khadi

Khadi, natural herbal hair color ” Sunrise Sunny Blond”

Product description:

100% natural hair dye in warm, sunny blonde color. Created on the basis of pure herbs of the highest quality straight from India. Provides excellent coverage of hair, including gray hair, giving the hair intense color that shimmers beautifully in the sun.

The final effect of coloring depends on the original hair color – it allows you to get from honey blonde to blonde shade close to a strong summer tan. The paint does not lighten. Valuable herbal ingredients provide intense color, while providing rich care – strengthening, volume and shine in one step!

The most important ingredients and their properties

  • Cassia helps to rebuild the hair structure while providing volume and shine.
  • Henna – gives the hair a shiny color and additionally strengthens the hair and scalp.

It does not contain ingredients such as: parabens, silicones, mineral oils, PPD or ammonia.

Capacity: 100 g

Price: 39.50 PLN

Availability: store

Country of Origin:  India

Henna Khadi
Henna Khadi

Henna for hair Khadi – how to use?

How to use Khadi henna:

  1. Wash your hair with a silicone-free shampoo.Hair should be freshly washed.
  2. Mix the powder with warm water at 50 degrees C into a smooth, thick paste.Apply evenly over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Leave the paste on your hair for 30 to 60 minutes.The longer the paint is kept on the hair, the darker the coloring effect will be. For a delicate, honey shade, leave the paste on your hair for 30 minutes, for a darker shade – 60 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair with clean water.Do not wash your hair for 24 – 48 hours. During this time, the color oxidizes and develops.

In order to keep the color intensity as long as possible, I recommend regular hair oiling.

Before using the paint, it is worth making an allergy test on a small fragment of the skin. It is also recommended to test the sample on the hair strand before starting the colorization.


Cassia Italica Leaf Powder, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder.

My opinion

As I mentioned in the introduction, I was very interested in the new shades of Khadi henna. Until now, I have dyed my hair with pure henna, cassia, senna and other herbal mixtures prepared by myself. It was the color of dark warm blonde for my bleached half hair and dark chestnut for those above the ombre.

I was also considering ready-made brown blends because I wanted a cooler shade that is hard to do with Amla alone. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a ready-made henna mixture without the addition of indigo, after which, as you know, it is not recommended to lighten hair, even highlights.

Coming back to the paint itself. I think it should give blonde hair a beautiful pale copper shade of red. Or browner, like the very trendy pumpkin spice autumn fall. Maybe even honey or strawberry blonde on very fair hair if you keep this henna shorter than recommended.

On my yellow hair ombre from Casia, I expected a shade more reddish, more golden. Only a nice, warm glow on natural hair. It actually happened. The color of the ombre was darker, reddish gold. It had a faint orange glow in the sun.

Khadi henna coloring
Khadi henna coloring

Khadi henna coloring

We buy the paint packed in a box with an aesthetic orange print. Inside there are:

  • Khadi henna packed in a thick and strong foil
  • Polish instructions for use and information leaflets
  • disposable cap
  • typical gloves
Henna for hair
Henna for hair

I must admit that I liked the packaging of the Orientana henna more, because the tight can guaranteed freshness even during long storage of the paint. However, such a strong foil is also a good solution, air and light cannot be accessed. And we don’t always want to pay for a can, since we can pour unused paint into an already owned container.

Khadi henna itself is fresh, finely ground. Great quality. It has a typical Casia scent, herbal and grassy, ​​so I suspect it has the most.

Henna Khadi: how to prepare?

I always have a problem with these dye mixes. Usually herbs are prepared separately, left to mature and then mixed together just before being applied. Because they are poured with water at different temperatures, sometimes we also add other additives.

Meanwhile, we prepare the Khadi henna mixture just before use. Pour water at 50 degrees Celsius and apply it to the hair. I suspect this is in order to achieve the feud of this sunny blonde color. If the henna had developed more and / or we had left it on the strands longer than recommended, the color would be redder, darker. But it’s also nice.

Henna for hair
Henna for hair

I wanted to give my bleached hair a deeper copper shade, so that’s exactly what I did.

  • I poured Khadi’s henna into a bowl with warm distilled water.
  • I washed my hair with Sainsbury’s EDTA Green Apple Shampoo with the addition of citric acid, which is enough for me to chelate my hair.
  • I pressed my hair into a paper towel.
  • I applied henna starting from the bottom of each strand.
  • I left my hair for an hour.

Khadi henna dyeing effect on my hair

Hair before dyeing
Before dyeing

Hair before dyeing: ombre dyed with Cassia and Senna, yellowish and slightly browned.

Hair after dyeing with Khadi: effect for the third day, after dyeing and the first wash. As you can see, my hair turned to a shade of saturated golden red, a bit coppery. Very pretty, showy in the sun. Forgive me for pushing it – all day in a braid without the use of silicones, so as not to distort the effect. Hope I was able to capture that natural shine.

However, the hair cuticles are clearly thicker. Their shine lasts until today – a week after washing. Much better effect than using Casia itself. After it, I always had a characteristic “wire” and stiffness of my hair, as well as clear nourishment. Now this effect is much stronger.

I usually do paints on linseed glutton to prevent overdrying. Now, despite the fact that I made up the paint with water only, I did not notice this effect of drying or haying hair. On the contrary, they are soft and easier to comb, they smell nice – for me – with herbs.

My gray hair has turned a bit darker in color, but it’s a nice effect. Not all of them got the color as well, but I’ll keep trying. The effect of healthy and shiny hair is worth the price of this product.

Henna Khadi
Henna Khadi

I even regret that I had not come across such mixed coloring earlier. At least I could add a tablespoon of pure henna to my herbal blend for the hair dye I’ve been doing since last fall. The effect would be much better, and I could ignore the slight reddish glow. So I advise and regret it. Especially that you can always cover a bright red with a darker shade, for example – brown, chestnut, black.

Senna and Cassia leave a distinct yellow tinge even on my dark brown roots and the blonde turns yellow to the point of yolk. An effect is created that not everyone does not like. I like the light copper very much. If I had naturally blonde hair, I would not consider such a change :) Meanwhile, I stay with my reddish browns.


If you are looking for a cool new color for your henna hair, then the new Khadi hennas are definitely worth a try. A comfortable, ready-to-use mixture that is safe even for pregnant women. For those who like to test new products or do not want to buy ingredients individually and play with proportions and preparing separate herbs.

Is it worth buying Khadi henna?


  • if you want to nourish damaged hair
  • you want to refresh your similar color and add a beautiful shine to your hair
  • if you want a very interesting color on the blend
  • if you are allergic to store chemical paints or if your hair is worn out
  • you want to hide the first gray hair – henna will color it with a more natural shade and will disappear between the rest of the hair, and you will not see later roots


  • dyeing darker hair: henna will not lighten it, it will not change its color to lighter than mothers’ color, it will not stain such roots. It can only add a reddish-yellow glow to dark hair.

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